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VM backups drive Idera rebrand of R1Soft, price change

Two years after buying R1Soft, Idera turns it into Idera Server Backup and changes its pricing to reflect concentration on VM backups.

Idera rebranded its R1Soft backup product and changed the pricing structure to emphasize virtual machines this week with its launch of Idera Backup Server 5.0.

Idera, which sells performance monitoring and backup software for servers, acquired R1Soft in 2007 but kept the R1Soft brand until now.

Idera CEO Rick Pleczko said the R1Soft technology is used in more than 1,000 hosted data centers and backs up more than 275,000 servers. Idera has spent two years making it a better fit for enterprises, he said, adding scalability, platform support and more emphasis on virtual machine (VM) backups.

"We want to back up all your servers," Pleczko said of Idera's modest plans for the product.

Idera Server Backup 5.0 supports Windows and Linux servers, and VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen hypervisors. It retains R1Soft's continuous data protection (CDP) and bare metal restore capabilities for quick backups and restores. It also supports single-file restores.

Idera Server Backup targets customers who use separate applications to protect physical and virtual servers, according to David Wartell, R1Soft's founder and Idera's server backup division vice president.

"Customers tend to want one backup product that does physical and virtual backup," he said. "Maybe they're using Veeam for virtual and [Symantec] Backup Exec for physical servers, and are looking for a product that does both."

Idera Backup Server has a new pricing model for VM backups. Instead of charging per CPU socket, Idera now sells licenses per virtual machine.

"We don't want to ask customers how many CPU sockets they have, but everybody knows how many virtual machines they have," Pleczko said.

Licenses cost $995 for 50 VMs, $3,995 for 250 VMs, $14,995 for 1,000 VMs and $49,995 for an unlimited site license. Physical server licenses cost $995 for five servers, $12,995 for 100 servers and $24,995 for 250 servers.

"Idera is trying to be disruptive on pricing and it's going after the volume play," Gartner Research Vice President Dave Russell said.

Russell said Idera is trying to capitalize on changes that make it easier for companies to shop for new backup apps now.

"A couple of factors make this a good time to make a move," he said. "Backup times and retention periods are declining. People are using archiving for long-term retention, and they've dialed down backup retention times from years to 90 days. That makes it easier to switch. People are willing to try a new product now."

Russell said Idera can't match the feature and support list of the major players, but has enough for SMBs and mid-market shops.

"If you could pick one operating system, one hypervisor and one application to support, Windows, VMware and Exchange would be a good place to start," he said. "Idera supports that."

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