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HydraStor adds hybrid nodes to scale enterprise archiving box

NEC adds hybrid nodes to its HydraStor enterprise archiving and backup system, allowing it to scale higher for performance and capacity.

NEC Corp. of America revamped its HydraStor enterprise archiving and backup system this week, adding hybrid nodes that combine performance and capacity.

Previous generations of HydraStor included performance nodes and capacity nodes, and customers had to scale them independently. Hybrid nodes in the new HS-4000 model allow for improvements in performance and capacity within a smaller footprint, according to Gideon Senderov, NEC's director of product management for storage.

Along with the HS8-4000 for enterprises, NEC is also upgrading its single-node "mini-Hydra" for SMBs and remote offices with the HS3-410 model.

"Before, when you deployed an accelerator node, it didn't have a storage node," Senderov said. "The hybrid node reduces the footprint because you are deploying one node instead of two. The 4000 gives you either performance and capacity, or just capacity."

NEC claims the HS8-4000 Hybrid Nodes are significantly faster than the accelerator nodes for the previous HS8-3000 model, supporting up to 5.6 TB per hour per node (using the Symantec OpenStorage Technology (OST) interface). Each Hybrid Node also includes 48 TB of raw capacity. The HS8-4000 also has upgraded storage nodes, which include 48 TB per node, but lack compute. Storage nodes for the HS8-3000 had only 12 TB of raw capacity. With deduplication, NEC claims each node can store 625 TB of effective capacity.

A 165-node system can achieve 900 TB per hour throughput and more than 100 PB of effective capacity, according to NEC.

NEC gave the HS3-410 performance and capacity bumps over the previous generation of mini-Hydra. The new system supports 3.5 TB per hour with OST and doubles maximum capacity from the older generation to 24 TB. It also includes 8 TB and 16 TB models.

Ray Lucchesi, president of Broomfield, Colo.-based Silverton Consulting, said the hybrid nodes and NEC's global dedupe allow for significantly larger backup capacities. The larger systems also can better address enterprise archiving requirements.

"You have 165 hybrid nodes and almost a petabyte of capacity, which is pretty impressive," he said. "You can back up to the grid and the backup is dispersed through the job."

The new HydraStors will be available in April. The HS8-4000 Hybrid Node list price ranges from $85,000 for a 12 TB single Hybrid Node to $190,000 per fully populated Hybrid Node. The HS3-410 list price ranges from $35,000 for the HS3-410-8 to $75,000 for the HS3-410-24.

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