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Archiware, Tandberg unveil products; IDC: Big data fuels storage need

Recently, IDC announced that big data was driving storage growth, while Tandberg Data and Archiware had new releases for backup customers.

Recently, IDC announced that big data was driving storage growth, while Tandberg Data and Archiware had new releases for backup customers.

Big data driving storage demand

The growth of big data is driving the need for more and more storage, according to research firm IDC, which recently released two reports on the subject. Noting that storage is a "tremendously important" subsystem, the analyst firm estimated that spending will reach nearly $6 billion in 2016. IDC also reported that revenue from storage consumed by BD&A environments was about $379.9 million in 2011, and estimated a compound annual growth rate in storage of about 53% from that year to 2016.

"This growth will come largely from capacity-optimized systems (including dense enclosures); however, software-based distributed storage systems with internal disks to store post-processed data will also be embraced by some users," IDC's Ashish Nadkarni, research director of storage systems, said in a statement.

IDC said it based its reporting on a big-data survey the company conducted during the first quarter of 2013. It said that among respondents, more than 68% said that performance was a "primary driver" for selecting a storage architecture, while 59.5% reported that cost was a primary issue. Capacity growth and application performance also are among the challenges facing organizations, according to IDC.

"Businesses will continue to struggle with what data to analyze, how to store data before and after it is analyzed, and how to feed the results of data analysis back into the business," IDC said in a statement.

Tandberg: Firmware, utility update for RDX

Tandberg Data said it has released an updated version of the company's RDX utility and firmware for the Quikstor storage system lineup.

The update is for Tandberg's disk-based Quikstor, which uses removable hard disk cartridges and, the company said, is aimed at small and medium-sized business buyers.

The update includes a new Windows Backup mode and compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, Tandberg said, and allows users of RDX QuikStor to take advantage of the integrated Windows Backup. The new mode allows Windows to see the RDX as a valid disk target, and the RDX USB 3.0 can be used for scheduled system backups and bare-metal recovery and as a deduplication volume under Windows Server 2012, the company said.

Tandberg said the update is available at its website.

Archiware releases data protection software suite

Archiware announced that its P5 software suite for file synchronization, backup and archiving is designed to be compatible with cloud and offers support for data storage based on its linear tape file system (LTFS).

According to the company, the suite's four modules -- Synchronize, Backup, Backup2Go and Archive -- include setup assistants to speed up users' implementations. Archiware's Synchronize makes it possible for users to sync up with several cloud storage services, including Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive and Amazon S3. It also allows users to create local backups of data stored in the cloud, the company said.

The software suite uses the company's MediaLTFS tool to label, mount or unmount tapes within a tape library, Archiware said. It also enables users to perform point-in-time restores of data, and offers media previews and customizable metadata fields for searches.

Archiware said P5 is available for download now at the company website.

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