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Nakivo modifies its virtual server backup for cloud providers

Startup Nakivo adds multi-tenancy and per-VM licensing for service providers in new versions of its virtual server backup software.

Nakivo upgraded its Backup & Replication VMware backup software this week, adding multi-tenancy and self-service capabilities that are better suited for cloud providers.

The startup also added a per-virtual machine (VM) licensing option, backup verification and the ability to recover Microsoft Exchange objects.

The features are available in the new Enterprise and Cloud Provider editions of Backup & Replication.

The multi-tenancy feature lets customers create isolated tenants within an instance of Backup & Replication. The tenants can be individual clients or business units.

Service providers using the multi-tenant mode can assign clients roles with various levels of access to data protection jobs, ranging from full access to a view-only mode of the Nakivo dashboard. Admins can give end users self-recovery capabilities.

Nakivo is adding a per-VM licensing option that lets service providers add or remove licenses each month. Previously, Backup & Replication was licensed only on a per-socket basis.

Sergei Serdyuk, Nakivo's director of product management, said VM licensing has a smaller up-front cost, allowing providers to scale in a utility model.

"Per-socket licensing is not granular enough for service providers and introduces a higher cost for clients," he said. "Service providers say VM licensing is natural to them because they often charge clients by VMs. This will reduce up-front costs and allow them to utilize a pay-as-you-go model. The service providers can increase or decrease VM licenses per month."

Administrators can distribute licenses to customers from a single license pool and transfer licenses from one client to another.

Nakivo's backup verification feature provides reports on all VM backups after they are completed. The software checks at the block level to determine if the source VM is identical to the backed-up data.

Object recovery from Exchange lets users search and recover individual emails, calendar items and other Exchange data through an Outlook-like Web interface.

Nakivo CEO Bruce Talley said about 30 percent of Nakivo customers are cloud providers, and the new features were requests from those customers.

Nakivo virtual server backup is still limited to VMware, but Talley said the vendor has plans to add Microsoft Hyper-V support.

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