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Veeam ties backup monitoring into VMware management app

Veeam Software integrates its virtual server backup with its Management Pack, enabling management of backup monitoring in Microsoft System Center.

Veeam Software today linked its virtual machine backup software to its VMware management application with the release of the latest version of its Management Pack.

Management Pack lets customers perform VMware monitoring, management and capacity planning through Microsoft System Center. Management Pack 6.5, launched today, also lets Veeam Backup & Replication customers monitor backups through the System Center console.

This is the first link between Backup & Replication and Management Pack. The backup reporting, monitoring and analytics capabilities are similar to those in Veeam's Backup Management Suite. Now customers can use Management Pack to monitor the status of backup jobs and provide performance metrics for those jobs, along with alerts for failures.

"Our reporting capabilities show protected virtual machines and can point to VMs that aren't being backed up or haven't had a successful backup over a certain period of time," said Doug Hazelman, Veeam vice president of product strategy.

Hazelman said connecting the backup application with the VMware management tool enables deeper analytics than are available only through Backup & Replication.

"We have to see if all the VMs out there are being backed up. We get that from the virtual infrastructure," Hazelman said. "We look at capacity information, change rates, how backup repositories are affected and other information. To just view it in the backup world is only one side of it. We also have to see it from the virtual side."

Veeam customer Francis Hart, live operations manager for London-based gaming company Sega Europe Ltd., said Management Pack 6.5 includes "a couple of features we've been screaming for." Those features include the ability to manage backups through System Center.

"It's good to get all of this streamlined into one interface," he said.

Hart said the corporate side of Sega Europe is about 80% virtualized on VMware, and the engineering team's applications are about 50% virtualized. Sega Europe has about 40 TBs on NetApp storage.

Hart said Sega Europe began using Veeam about three years ago after purchasing Veeam backup, management and monitoring tools together.

He said the integration of backup monitoring, reporting and analytics in Management Pack 6.5 will give him greater visibility into backups.

"Currently, we do reporting on backups by looking at facts only -- this server failed to back up this data," Hart said. "Once you get it into a reporting structure, you can look at which servers haven't been backed up today. You can ask it questions to figure out why it failed and fix it. Up until now, all the data was in a raw format or in an interface that you couldn't ask questions of."

Veeam is selling Management Pack 6.5 as a standalone application and in bundles with Veeam Backup Management Suite. The bundles cost $1,100 for Backup Management Suite Standard with Management Pack, $1,550 for Backup Management Suite Enterprise with Management Pack, and $2,300 for Backup Management Suite Enterprise Plus with Management Pack.

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