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Highly Reliable Systems adds replication to backup appliances

Highly Reliable Systems recently announced that it added NAS-to-NAS replication and SpeedSeed technology to its NetSwap systems.

Highly Reliable Systems Inc. recently announced that it added replication and its SpeedSeed technology to the NetSwap NAS appliance.

Highly Reliable said its NetSwap systems allow users to replicate data off-site and transparently mirror between internal and removable drives. The mirrored drives can be pulled while keeping the primary drive online, allowing almost any backup software to be used, since drives don't appear to go offline during drive swaps.

"The key to this announcement is the ability to remove one of the locally attached mirrored drives, and then move it to another local or remote system to expedite or jumpstart the remote copy or replication process, versus sending data over slower networks," StorageIO's Greg Schulz said. "Depending on the physical size of a removable drive, once initially mirrored locally, it could be sent overnight to another location to create the initial remote-site seed copy, with subsequent updates sent over existing networks.

"Talk about doing more with your existing networks, regardless of how slow they may be. This type of approach is a good example of doing more with what you have while coexisting with existing backup or data protection software in your environment."

The removable drive can be transported for storage off-site or can be used to SpeedSeed a remote location with up to 4 TB of data per drive. Once seeded, uni- or bidirectional replication can be used to keep data at the primary and remote sites in sync.

SpeedSeed uses the company's Automatic Mirror Technology to mirror storage drives to any other removable drive automatically and without intervention.

Highly Reliable said NetSwap products can be placed in any location, such as a second office, with a managed service provider or even at an owner's home. Replication over the Internet is incremental and block-level, so only changes are replicated. Integrated compression and encryption help protect customer data without requiring external virtual private network tunnels. NetSwap supports encryption levels of up to AES 256, and synchronization jobs can be throttled and scheduled to keep Internet connectivity from bottlenecking during the workday.

The company said the NAS appliances support multiple replication jobs and can notify administrators via email when a job succeeds or fails. The system detects open and changing files and ensures that replication occurs at a point in time using a snapshot.

NetSwap products are available with up to four removable drives, and an eight-drive model is planned for later this year. The company also added the replication functionality to its RAIDFrame product line, with up to 48 TB of removable storage.

Pricing for 2 TB models starts at $939.

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