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Quantum DXi refresh starts with pay-as-you-go, entry-level box

Latest entry-level Quantum DXi deduplication backup target scales to higher capacity, but keeps the capacity pricing model of the previous version.

Quantum today upgraded its entry-level DXi data deduplication backup appliance, but kept the same pay-as-you-go pricing as the previous version.

The DXi4701 scales from 5 TB to 135 TB of usable capacity. The base system supports 27 TBs and three disk shelves, and a maximum of 36 TB usable capacity can be added. It is available with network-attached storage, virtual tape library or Symantec OpenStorage interfaces. Quantum said the system has a maximum inline dedupe throughput of 5 TB per hour.

A DXi4701 starts with 5 TB usable capacity and customers can purchase additional licenses to take it to 11 TB, 19 TB and 27 TB capacities. Each system ships with at least six drives, so the extra capacity is already in the box. The JBOD shelves ship with 12 drives, but customers can license 18 TB or 36 TB of usable capacity.

"It's capacity on demand, or pay-as-you-grow pricing," said Chris Hoffman, Quantum product marketing manager. "Customers purchase capacity increments as needs grow. You can purchase less than a full disk tray with a license to grow the system."

Quantum said logical capacity can range from 100 TB to 2.7 PB, depending on deduplication ratios.

The 4701 can replicate data to any other DXi box or Quantum's Q-Cloud backup and disaster recovery service. It also uses self-encrypting drives for data-at-rest encryption.

Quantum positions the DXi4701 for small- and medium-sized businesses, remote offices and small enterprises. It will replace the DXi4601 entry-level disk backup system. The 4601 was released in Oct. 2011, and was the Quantum DXi system to offer pay-as-you-go pricing. The 4601 was a single 2U box that used 2 TB drives (the 4701 has 4 TB drives) and did not scale beyond 12 TB.

The 4701 is the model of a DXi4700 series. Hoffman said Quantum will refresh its entire DXi product line this year. The DXi family also includes the 6700 midrange, 6800 midrange/enterprise, and 8500 enterprise models.

Pricing for the DXi4701 starts at $16,000 for 5 TB of usable capacity. It is expected to be available in March.

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