Nakivo upgrade focuses on Exchange recovery

Virtual backup specialist Nakivo turns attention to Microsoft with greater Exchange support and roadmap plans for Active Directory and Hyper-V.

Nakivo this week upgraded its Backup & Replication software, focusing on making it more efficient and easier to store and recover Microsoft Exchange objects.

New features in Backup & Replication 4 include Exchange object recovery and Exchange log truncation. Nakivo also added virtual machine (VM) backup verification.

The Exchange additions let customers browse, search and recover Exchange objects, such as emails, directly from compressed VMware VM backups without having to restore the VM.

The backup app now also gives customers the option to delete Exchange database transaction log files after a successful backup. This feature prevents the logs from accumulating and taking up disk space.

To verify backups, Backup & Replication checks VM backups at the block level to make sure the data written to the backup repository is the same as the data read from the source VM.

Nakivo is filling gaps rather than breaking new ground with these features. For instance, VM backup specialist Veeam Software's Exchange Explorer has been a popular feature for its Backup & Replication application for years. Sergei Serdyuk, Nakivo's director of product management, said Nakivo is responding to customer requests with the new features.

"Exchange recovery was the most requested feature, followed by [Microsoft] Active Directory and SQL recovery," Serdyuk said. "So now Active Directory is on the top of our list for object recovery and that will be next. We also plan to add object recovery for SQL and SharePoint."

Serdyuk said Microsoft Hyper-V backup is also on the roadmap. Currently, Nakivo only backs up VMware VMs.

Serdyuk claims Nakivo, which launched in 2012, has more than 2,400 customers. Its strategy is to compete with Veeam and other VM backup products on price.

The new features are part of Nakivo's Enterprise and Enterprise for VMware Essentials editions. The Enterprise product costs $599 per socket. The Enterprise for VMware Essentials version costs $299 per socket and is available for two to six sockets. In comparison, Veeam charges $750 per socket for its Standard edition and $1,250 per socket for its Enterprise product.

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