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HP Federated Catalyst pools deduped data resources

HP claims it can simplify management of deduplicated backups with Federated Catalyst software running on its StoreOnce disk appliance.

Hewlett-Packard Co. is pooling its StoreOnce disk backup target resources with software that federates backup nodes to simplify management.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) launched HP StoreOnce Federated Catalyst this week at the HP Discover user show in Las Vegas. Federated Catalyst is a version of the StoreOnce Catalyst software HP uses to accelerate data deduplication with its StoreOnce disk targets.

Federated Catalyst allows customers to aggregate backup capacity across nodes, up to 17 petabytes (PB) in a pool. HP claims its adaptive bidding and adaptive routing load balancing features optimized data placement to maximize backup and restore performance.

HP is introducing Federated Catalyst on the StoreOnce 6500, its highest end disk backup appliance. Federated Catalyst can run across four 6500 nodes.

Craig Nunes, HP vice president of storage marketing, said Federated Catalyst reduces the number of data stores customers have to manage across devices. "The problem managing backups is that you manage each backup stream to a given device and each device might have multiple backup stores," he said. "You might be managing hundreds of devices.

"We take all of the underlying capacity of the backup appliances and aggregate it into a single federated pool. Then you manage stores instead of multiple individual devices -- just point your backup store to the pool."

Nunes said HP's adaptive bidding and routing are algorithms that help figure out the best data placement.

Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Jason Buffington said another benefit of Federated Catalyst is that data only has to be deduplicated once wherever it resides and doesn't have to be rehydrated as it moves across storage pools. "The idea that something stays deduplicated once it is deduplicated anywhere within their ecosystem is a powerful message," he said. "Catalyst says 'once deduplicated, always deduplicated,' and it remains in an optimal state.'"

Federated Catalyst will be available in June, starting at $37,500 for each controller pair.

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