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CommVault IntelliSnap protects DataCore virtualized SANs

CommVault IntelliSnap optimizes data protection on most hardware arrays, and now works with hardware running DataCore SANsymphony-V.

DataCore Software has integrated CommVault's Simpana IntelliSnap technology with DataCore SANsymphony-V storage virtualization software to streamline data protection across commodity hardware.

SANsymphony-V virtualizes and pools storage across devices to create a SAN out of low-cost hardware. CommVault is considered the leader among backup vendors for integrating its snapshot technology across storage arrays. IntelliSnap supports nearly every major storage array, but DataCore is the first software vendor supported by IntelliSnap.

The partnership optimizes point-in-time recovery across snapshots, backup and archived copies of data from applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL, DB2, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V running on hardware virtualized by SANsymphony-V.

"Storage involves a spectrum of drivers that include cache, flash and disks. The backup and snapshots are working independently and in a fragmented approach," said DataCore CEO George Teixeira. "Every application and every array has its own type of snapshot. Everybody has their own scheme. From a user perspective, this is chaos."

The integration of the two products helps automate the creation of indexed and application-aware snapshot copies across heterogeneous storage environments. Simpana talks to SANsymphony's snapshot command, manages the data protection process and executes the data recovery while SANsymphony virtualizes all the underlying hardware.

"You have code behind the scene that we use to communicate with their APIs," said Carlos Carreras, DataCore's vice president of alliances and business development. "That code is embedded in the latest [Simpana] service pack. So, when the customer uses Simpana, they see DataCore SANsymphony-V as a source and a target for their backup. Their product is calling our snapshot command and it is executing on the actual snapshot. There is no scripting or manual intervention needed that would prolong getting access to the application."

Teixeira said most of DataCore's 10,000 customer sites use CommVault software. DataCore claims this is the first kind of partnership between a software-defined storage vendor and a company that has a pure snapshot and replication engine, although Gartner analyst Dave Russell disputes that.

"FalconStor can make a claim there as well," Russell said. "[FalconStor] has the capability of doing continuous data protection from a snapshot as part of its storage virtualization platform."

However, Russell said customers are looking for more of this type of technology integration.

"When we talk to people, they are waiting for data protection to be added to EMC's ViPR software-defined storage product," he said.

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