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Dell extends AppAssure, backup appliance platforms

Dell upgrades AppAssure backup software and rolls out new integrated and virtual backup appliances for remote offices/SMBs.

Dell expanded its remote office and SMB data protection today, launching an integrated backup appliance, virtual backup appliance and new version of AppAssure backup software with more support for data protection in the cloud.

The DL1000 is Dell's second integrated appliance that comes with AppAssure software installed and the DR2000v is part of a disk deduplication target platform that includes three hardware models.

The DL1000 is an entry-level integrated appliance that also includes source-side data deduplication software. The DL1000 comes with 2 terabytes (TB) or 3 TB of capacity, compared to the larger DL4000 that scales from 5 TB to 80 TB.

The DL1000 is for remote offices and small SMBs, while the DL4000 is for small and medium enterprises and has more granular data protection. For example, the DL4000 can take one snapshot every five minutes while the DL1000 will only take one snapshot per hour.

The DL1000 hardware is a 1u Dell PowerEdge R220 12G server with 7,200 RPM SATA drives.

The DR2000v is Dell's first virtual backup dedupe appliance. The software runs inside a virtual machine on a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor server and must be used with a physical DR4000, DR4100 or DR6000 appliance. The virtual appliance is designed for remote offices. It can install on standard hardware and replicate data to one of the Dell DR physical dedupe targets. The DR2000v is available in capacity points of 1TB, 2 TB or 4 TB. Unlike the DL series, the DR appliances only serve as backup targets and do not include backup software.

Dell is also adding cascading replication to its DR appliances, allowing customers to replicate to a third site for DR.

Dell, which began selling the DR series in 2012, claims it has more than 1,800 customers and 2,600 units deployed with more than 52 PB of capacity shipped.

Pricing for the DL1000 starts at $4,300 for 2 TB, $6,000 for 3 TB and $8,300 for 3 TB and two licensed Microsoft Hyper-V VMs. The DR2000v starts at $4,200 for 1 TB, $7,500 for 2 TB and $13,500 for 4 TB.

For AppAssure, 5.4.2, Dell added a cloud archive, an import feature that allows public cloud such as Amazon S3, Windows Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and OpenStack-based platforms to be used as storage targets. It also added an account management interface for managing cloud providers as targets and the ability to schedule recurring archives.

"We want to make cloud data more accessible as an extension to on-premises data," said Paul Davis, director of product development for Dell data protection. "For instance, we can take snapshots of an Exchange server every five minutes for a week or a few days, and then put it in the cloud for archiving. You can say, 'What's my SLA?' for each application."

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