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Resort uses Backupify to protect Google Apps

Hotel resort chain streamlines mail and docs on Google Apps, but backs it up to Amazon S3 cloud with Backupify cloud-to-cloud backup.

Google Apps made sense for Auberge Resorts when the company wanted to streamline mail and documents for employees at its seven hotels. But while the Google cloud solved the resort's storage problem, it also left it with backup and data management challenges.

After switching to Google Apps, Auberge director of technology Tim Dickson realized he still needed to protect and manage thousands of user accounts in the cloud. For that, he turned to Backupify for Google Apps cloud-to-cloud backup.

If users accidentally delete or lose an email or file, they may not be able to restore them from the Google cloud. That's where cloud-to-cloud backup comes in.

Backupify makes a backup copy of its customers' data in Google Apps, and stores the backups in Amazon S3. Administrators can restore emails, files and folders directly to a user's account or download them to their own machines. They can also search mails, calendar invites, documents and contacts.

Auberge, based in Mill Valley, Calif., has hotels in the Caribbean, Mexico and Napa Valley. If a hotel leaves the chain and when employees leave the company, Auberge often still requires access to those accounts.

Dickson already used Backupify for his personal Google account, and signed on when the cloud-to-cloud backup vendor pushed into enterprise use.

"I realized we needed backup for ease of management on terminated users and recovery in the event of user failure," he said. "Google Apps has been good about data integrity, but doesn't protect against end-user deleted apps."

Dickson said Auberge has 1,100 users on Backupify, including 800 active users and 300 archived users. The resort has about 4.5 TB of Google mail.

That can add up to a lot of accidentally deleted or lost emails.

"When users couldn't find their stuff, they asked us to search and find it," Dickson said. "Or users depart and their managers need their data. We use Backupify for lifecycle management."

Auberge uses Google Drive to store files, but Dickson said it was difficult to manage and recover records on Drive without Backupify. "When a user left, we had no way to migrate documents and email," he said. "We had to go to Outlook and look for a pst file, it was cumbersome and took hours. Now it's a one-click restore."

Dickson said the next step for his cloud backup plan will be to implement Backupify for its Salesforce data.

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