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Asigra Cloud Backup adds disaster recovery for VMs

Asigra's Cloud Backup 13 gets new features for disaster recovery, endpoint data protection and support for data in Microsoft Office 365 cloud.

This week, Asigra added disaster recovery for virtual machines and data protection for mobile device support into its cloud backup software.

Asigra Cloud Backup 13 offers snapshot-based replication for virtual machines, a remote wipe for mobile devices, cloud-to-cloud backup of Microsoft Office 365 and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) support for archiving.

The upgrade also includes the ability to support Linux storage running inside Docker Containers, which Asigra announced in January.

The Asigra Cloud Backup's VMware vSphere replication capability can protect data onsite or offsite, eliminating the need for third-party VM replication. Data can be protected from a source virtual machine to one or more target VMs offsite through replication. Asigra has plans to support Microsoft Hyper-V on its roadmap, according to Senior Product Marketing Manager William Kulju.

Asigra also added support for open infrastructure like FreeBSD on ZFS and CentOS that runs on commodity storage. It already supported Microsoft servers and Linux RedHat.

Asigra Cloud Backup administrators can find lost or stolen devices or remotely wipe data on lost devices that has been backed up. These actions are taken from the Asigra DS-NOC with a Google Maps interface.

"There may be point solutions that allow you to do this, but there aren't many comprehensive solutions that allow you to protect all your data," Kulju said.

Asigra already supported cloud-to-cloud backups of data in and Google Apps, giving customers a way to restore accidentally deleted data. Now it adds Microsoft Office 365 support for restoring documents, spreadsheets, and Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive repositories.

Kuliju said Asigra's protection is more comprehensive than Microsoft's, which has a built-in limited liability clause for data in Office 365.

Asigra's Cloud Backup also provides automated parking of old backup data to LTFS tape via the Asigra BLM Archiver.

Jim Miller, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, said the new remote wipe feature integrated in a complete backup solution sets Asigra apart from the mainstream sync-and-share products.

"I've heard of this [capability] for other applications, but not for backup apps," he said. "The Docker Container backup is also cool since a lot of people are headed in that direction."

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