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Intronis adds rapid recovery for Hyper-V to ECHOplatform

Intronis ECHOplatform, sold exclusively through service providers, can now instantly recover Microsoft Hyper-V and physical server images.

Intronis this week added rapid recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V and physical servers to its ECHOplatform backup software that is sold exclusively through service providers.

Officially called the Winter '15 Release -- Intronis does a major ECHOplatform release every calendar quarter -- the new version focuses on rapid recovery for customers who store data locally and in the cloud. Intronis' service provider customers use the vendor's cloud for backups but end users can also store backups locally.

ECHOplatform supported rapid recovery of VMware virtual machines in previous versions.

"We stored and restored [Hyper-V] virtual machines before, but we didn't make them instantly available," said Chuck DeLouis, Intronis vice president, product management. "This release is focused on recovery times."

DeLouis said the vendor has been building to this release by adding application availability in previous versions. "A year ago, we started a transformation from protecting files and folders to application and business availability," he said.

Intronis claims its Hyper-V Rapid Recovery allows channel partners to back up Hyper-V virtual machines locally, and recover from local storage in minutes. To enable rapid recovery, the partner would import a virtual machine folder directly to Hyper-V and recover without having to mount backup hardware.

Other vendors have similar features and call it instant recovery or recovery-in-place.

ECHOplatform can also now recover physical servers from a local-based image through a combination of algorithms, native data formats and reverse incremental backup.

As with traditional incremental backups, Intronis' reverse incremental backup captures only delta changes between source data and the most recent full backup. However, Intronis takes a full mirror image after capturing each delta and makes it available for recovery. Recoveries are made from the latest backup copy. That differs from incremental backups where the latest full and subsequent incremental backups must be restored.

ECHOplatform also added object-level restores, allowing channel partners to retrieve a specific file, folder or database from physical or virtual servers. That is common in backup applications, and is a catchup feature for Intronis.

Intronis claims about 2,000 channel partners and more than 45,000 SMB customers. Pricing is based on the amount of cloud storage a customer uses, with no limits on the amount of local storage or devices a customer can use.

George Crump, president of IT analyst firm Storage Switzerland, said rapid recovery for Hyper-V helps Intronis stand out, especially in the SMB market where Hyper-V has gained traction.

"A lot of vendors can do that [rapid recovery] with VMware, but not many can do Hyper-V and VMware," he said.

Crump said features like that are needed to stand out in an SMB backup market that includes players such as Unitrends, Barracuda, Infrascale, Datto, Acronis and Axcient as well as the major backup vendors. "This space is wildly crowded all of a sudden," Crump said. "It's gotten really packed, really fast."

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