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Two new ways to backup your Mac

Mac users take heed. Backup and copy operations just got a little bit easier with the announcements of two new software applications.

First up is an upgrade to Dantz Development Corp.'s line of Retrospect Backup software for Mac OS. Version 4.3, which expands support for backups to large disk drives.

Retrospect Express, Dantz's entry-level product, gains the ability to use a hard disk drive as a backup destination, a feature previously only available in the higher-priced Retrospect Desktop Backup product.

All Retrospect Backup products now take advantage of Mac OS 9's ability to create files larger than 2G Bytes in size, allowing large hard disk drives to be used for backup, a feature not available on previous versions of the Mac OS. Support has also been added for new USB and FireWire CD-R/RW and tape drives, while performance with certain hardware configurations has been increased.

The pricing for Retrospect Express, Retrospect Desktop Backup, and Retrospect Workgroup Backup 4.3 has not increased with the upgrade. The three remain at a price of $49, $149, and $299 respectively. Electronic upgrades are available for download to registered users.

Connectix Corp. has unveiled its new automated backup software application for the Macintosh dubbed the Connectix CopyAgent. The San Mateo, Calif.-headquartered software developer's latest product is a software application for the Macintosh that automates and streamlines backups and copy jobs.

The CopyAgent allows users to choose from and monitor three different copying options from a single user interface. CopyAgent also packs a feature called TurboKeys that lets users access pull-down menus and create shortcuts for frequently used operations by typing simple key combinations on their keyboard.

CopyAgent is also has a security feature that is designed to erase sensitive data so that it can't be accessed using recovery software. It's available for download now and carries a street price of $39.

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