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ADIC delivers first LTO libraries

Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC), of Redmond, Wash. is set to announce, on Friday, the launch of an entire line of new automated tape library products based on Linear Tape Open (LTO) Ultrium technology from IBM. ADIC is the first to bring automated tape libraries based on LTO technology to the market.

According to ADIC, the new ADIC LTO line includes stand alone tape drives, autoloaders, mid-range libraries, data center systems, and large, enterprise-class tape storage systems. Also, the advent of LTO makes it possible for users in the mid-range to get their hands on storage systems that are high-end in capacity and performance for the price of existing mid-range devices.

"We're incorporating LTO technology in all of our major libraries," said Steve Whitner, director of marketing for ADIC. He explained that the line of libraries utilizing the LTO technology will scale from high-end mainframe class systems down to small, departmental devices.

LTO technology enables a whopping 200G Bytes of capacity per tape and 30M-Bits/sec transfer rate per drive. Existing tape formats such as DLT and AIT offer only about half the native storage capacity of LTO.

ADIC's line of LTO storage products ranges from the small, FastStor Autoloader with a 1.4T Byte capacity and a throughput of 108G-Bits/hour, up to the mammoth, ADIC AML mixed media library (which is roughly the size of an assistant news editor's apartment). In the AML, LTO media can be mixed, matched, and swapped with other tape and optical drives meaning that a fully loaded AML library with LTO storage offers up to a record 5,180T Bytes of native storage capacity in a single unit, making it the highest capacity commercial storage system on earth.

There are some extra features supported by the ADIC product line. "We offer a fibre-ready plug-in module for serverless backup on the SAN (storage area network), we can retro fit existing ADIC libraries to run LTO technology and media, and there's an add-on module that allows for mixed media to be used in the same library," said Whitner.

Whitner said that LTO is the first drive technology to come to market with full support from a complete family of automated storage systems available at launch. ADIC and IBM worked together to make sure that the products would be available to channels as soon as the drive itself reached the market. "We've been timing our release with IBM all along," he said. Whitner added that ADIC plans the same type of full-scale product rollout when Quantum's Super DLT technology hits the streets.

IBM will debut the technology with its own LTO Ultrium tape drive products on Wednesday, with the ADIC Automated libraries to follow on Friday. The full line of LTO automated tape libraries from ADIC will be available in October.

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