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Hungry for LAN-free backup?

Take one part network-attached storage, one part automated tape, and sprinkle generously with Fibre Channel. Fire it up and what do you get? A collaborative effort from Exabyte Corp., Vixel Corp., and LAND-5 Corp. resulting in the recipe for a new backup appliance for storage area networks (SANs) that offers a simple way to perform LAN-free backup operations.

Each of the three companies brought its respective technological specialties to the table for the development of the LAND-5 SAN backup appliance. "LAND 5 is providing the engine. Exabyte brings the tape. Vixel, hubs and routers," said Curt Mulder, Exabyte's business development and technical marketing manager. "It sits out on the network with the sole purpose of backing up data."

The backup appliance includes a LAND-5 network attached storage system running its iceNAS data management software and NDMP software. Both the NAS system and an Exabyte X80 automated tape library are interfaced to a high-speed Vixel 7100 Fibre Channel switch with four additional GBIC ports available for direct server or storage array interfaces.

All are connected to an uninterruptible power supply to ensure high availability. The pre-configured "appliance" is packaged into a single full-height rack for easy data center installation, said the companies. The LAND-5 appliance can handle up to 12T bytes of unattended, high-performance SAN backup.

"This technology offers a fast, reliable answer for the LAN-free backup of data stored within a SAN environment," said Al Kernek, vice president of marketing for LAND-5. "Our objective is to take the mystery out of SAN backup by providing a complete solution that can typically be implemented within an hour. It also provides a basic building block for mid-range companies contemplating a SAN implementation."

The LAND-5 SAN backup appliance made its debut in the SanOne Interoperability Lab at the Fibre Channel Technologies Conference (FCTC) and Expo held in San Jose, Calif., last week. Exabyte and Vixel also plan on showcasing the appliance at Comdex Fall in Las Vegas, in November.

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