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Dell DR appliances gain capacity, speed for enterprise use

Dell moves to take its DR backup appliances upstream with more capacity, faster ingest rates and VTL connectivity.

Dell today enhanced its DR series backup and deduplication appliances with higher capacity levels, security for data at rest and broader virtual tape library (VTL) protocol support.

All of the Dell DR appliances come with built-in and variable block-based deduplication and compression technology.

The DR6000 backup target appliance now can support 6 TB hard disk drives, boosting the maximum usable capacity from 180 TB to 252 TB in a 10U rackspace. It also has been upgraded with a new processor so the appliance can ingest up to 25 TB per hour compared to the previous 22 TB per hour.

Dell's DR4100 source-side deduplication appliance now supports Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS protocols with an ingest performance rate of up to 17 TB per hour. Dell claims the ingest rate has increased by 150%.

Dell DR OS 3.2 software now has direct support for NDMP and iSCSI protocols. This allows companies with network attached storage (NAS) systems to move data directly from a storage device to a Dell target appliance, which reduces the burden on network resources.

We are seeing Dell's deduplication product line go from midrange organizations to more enterprise-level environments that are looking for deduplication.
Jason Buffington

The DR appliances now allow VTLs as backup targets and support VTL backups through Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM). The DR appliances now also support encryption for data at rest, in addition to their previous ability to encrypt data in flight. The latest enhancement ensures data is encrypted during the backup process and while it is stored on the disks.

Jason Buffington, an analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, said the upgraded DR OS software helps move Dell's product line from midrange environments to enterprise level. Its increased storage capacity and overall faster ingest rates help Dell target bigger configurations. Buffington added that the 252 TB of storage capacity is before deduplication.

"So now you are going into sizeable environments. That is a respectable increase in scale," said Buffington. We are seeing Dell's deduplication product line go from midrange organizations to more enterprise-level environments that are looking for deduplication."

Dell DR competes with data deduplication backup devices such as EMC's Data Domain family, Quantum's DXi, HP StoreOnce Backup and ExaGrid EX disk targets as well as Symantec NetBackup integrated appliances.

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