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Ochsner healthcare leans on Seven10 for data migration software

Ochsner Healthcare uses Seven10's Storfirst software to migrate multiple terabytes of data from EMC Centera to Isilon, and as file archive system.

Migrating data between storage platforms can be expensive and time-consuming, and often involves hiring professional services. The Ochsner Health System found a way to complete a 100 TB data migration with one software application, and turned that application into a solution for its archiving problems.

Ochsner, which has hospitals and medical centers across Louisiana, faced a challenging technology refresh when it planned to move data off an outdated EMC Centera onto an EMC Isilon. The medical company used Seven10's Storfirst data migration software to transfer 100TB of data from the Centera to Isilon.

The migration involved moving millions of electronic records and images from Centera to the higher performing Isilon without substantial interruption in accessing their patient files.

"Normally, a migration can cost [at least] $100,000" said Brian Deshotel, Radiology Informatics Director at Ochsner. "This did not cost nearly as much because Storfirst did the migration for us. The software is loaded on the server attached to the Centera and the software referenced Isilon as the destination."

Deshotel said without Storfirst, he would have had to purchase new hardware and hire professional services to build and configure a migration system.

"From the moment we decided and cut the purchase order, that's a minimum of six weeks," Deshotel said. "Then there is the delivery and installation and configuration, which could be up to a 90-day process. The total cost usually is $2,000 per terabyte."

Seven10 Storfirst can be used as a gateway that provides direct access to multiple storage tiers or as a data migration platform that streamlines the transition between storage systems. The software presents a network share for Microsoft Windows clients or an export mount point for Linux/Unix users. It supports SMB, CIFS, NFS and HTTP protocols to establish a path between applications and storage.

Ochsner also uses the Seven10 Storfirst software as an archive file system to manage approximately 1 million radiology images via Agfa Impax clinical data center software. Presently, Ochsner's Storfirst gateway manages more than 175 TB of data. The server that initially ran its Impax application started to encounter performance problems because of the volume of data.

"The solution we faced was to add more servers," Deshotel said. "But we couldn't sustain adding multiple physical servers. It's too labor intensive and it's just not efficient. The Centera was scalable but at a cost. The Seven10 Storfirst gateway software was more robust and it allowed us to migrate and manage data. It was more efficient and not as expensive."

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