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Barracuda unveils CudaDrive file sync-and-share platform

Targeting midmarket consumers, Barracuda swaps Copy for Companies with CudaDrive for cloud file sync-and-share capabilities.

Barracuda Networks Inc. is replacing its Copy for Companies platform with CudaDrive, file sync-and-share software that dynamically caches data on local hard drives and replicates it to Barracuda cloud storage.

The CudaDrive launch targets midmarket customers with Barracuda storage. According to California-based Barracuda, CudaDrive does not consume storage to automatically sync data to a hard drive. The CudaDrive agent creates a virtual drive on hard disk that acts as a dynamic cache. Users determine how much disk storage to allocate for caching and CudaDrive automatically moves aged data to Barracuda Cloud for load balancing.

"We introduced the concept of a virtual drive to give you access to all your content all the time," said Cyrus Farudi,  director of cloud file services at Barracuda Networks. "CudaDrive does not require you to select which files and folders to sync. We also don't put a limit on the maximum file size you can share."

Replacing Copy with CudaDrive enables Barracuda to integrate file sync-and-share capabilities more tightly with its Barracuda Backup software, hardware and cloud storage, Farudi said.

A dropdown menu lets end users create files locally and pin it for offline access, or move existing file folders to the CudaDrive virtual drive for backup and replication. Admins can set group or individual access policies to extend Barracuda backup storage across endpoint devices, Farudi said.

Replacing Copy with CudaDrive enables Barracuda to integrate file sync-and-share capabilities more tightly with its Barracuda Backup software, hardware and cloud storage.

Barracuda is trying to stand out in an overcrowded market for file sync-and-share products, said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, research director for social business at 451 Research LLC, based in New York.

"We often point out that not everything is in the cloud. One element of the real world is file services, particularly for midsized firms. That's a sunk cost and companies aren't going to rip them out. What's quite nice about the CudaDrive system is the ability to centrally manage all your files and folders," Pelz-Sharpe said.

Enterprises can run CudaDrive as a software-only instance or mountable network drive on physical Barracuda Copy Site Server appliances to pair cloud-based file services with on-premises block storage.

Barracuda does not sell CudaDrive with a traditional per-seat user license. Customers are charged for consumed storage capacity, with no limit on the number of users. Plan pricing starts at $39.99 per month for 100 GB.

Farudi said Barracuda will help Copy for Companies customers migrate to CudaDrive. The company will continue to offer Copy for consumers.

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