Code42's endpoint data protection update streamlines interface

Code42 released the 5.0 version of its endpoint data protection software, which features a redesigned user interface, and improved legal hold and data migration capabilities.

Code42 Software Inc.'s 5.0 endpoint data protection and security platform includes a streamlined user interface for more straightforward file restores, as well as simplified legal holds and faster data migration.

The redesigned user interface makes it easier for end users to restore data themselves. A point-and-click legal hold Web application enables legal departments to manage, monitor and collect end-user data themselves. Splunk data analysis integration features advanced reporting capabilities that provide customers with a more comprehensive view on IT infrastructure performance. And expanded support for data migration includes an improved system for transferring individual device settings.

The new release follows Code42's announcement in October that it secured $85 million in funding led by new investors JMI Equity, a growth equity firm, and global venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates Inc.

Minneapolis-based Code42 looked carefully at what users wanted and streamlined the product, said John Durant, the endpoint data protection vendor's senior vice president of product development.

"The act of developing a product for our customers is continuous and ongoing," Durant said. "It is a partnership with our customers. They're helping us by giving us feedback."

Jeff Hiner, systems administrator at sealing product provider Utex Industries Inc. in Houston, said the best feature of the update is the streamlined interface.

"It very much leads you by the hand through the [file restore] process," Hiner said.

The act of developing a product for our customers is continuous and ongoing.
John Durantsenior vice president of product development for Code42

For example, as Hiner described, it doesn't get much simpler than a button that says "Get Files." That is a less complicated version of what the company previously offered and followed customer suggestions to make the product more comfortable to use, according to Durant.

"A subtlety like that has a lot of leverage," Durant said.

Utex installed the new endpoint data protection product at the end of October and has used Code42's CrashPlan PROe for about nine months. The business has 1,100 employees and about 100 CrashPlan users, and protects 2.5 TB of end-user data.

Hiner hasn't had to use the new recovery feature yet, but did about two months ago with the 4.2.2 version. An executive's laptop had gotten wet, but since the system backs up every 15 minutes, there was a full backup before he shut it down the last time. So, Hiner started a restore on a new laptop and within about an hour, had the computer ready for the executive.

The company likes Code42's automatic backup capabilities.

"[Users] don't realize it's backing up," said Hiner, whose company previously gave employees a USB drive to back up their data. "The product is so comprehensive -- it really does cover everything we need."

As an idea for the future, Hiner suggested the possibility of the product backing up mobile devices such as Android and iOS as well. While Code42 CrashPlan does not back up files stored on mobile devices, the company says its mobile app provides employees with access to their backed up files.

Version 5.0, which became available Oct. 27, is Code42's fourth release this year, a group that also includes its 4.2 and 4.3 versions.

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