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Artisan Infrastructure adds HybriStor backup appliance

Artisan's new HybriStor is a combined backup appliance and cloud gateway for backup and archiving. The company is offering 100 TB of free storage with its latest product.

Artisan Infrastructure this week rolled out its Neverfail HybriStor deduplication backup target appliance and gateway, which offers up to 100 TB of free managed storage.

The Neverfail HybriStor data protection is a virtual backup appliance, which connects to direct-attached storage and also provides a NAS interface that works as a gateway to local OpenStack Swift object storage for archiving.

Appliance provides free storage, bidirectional replication

Artisan Infrastructure is offering 10 TB of managed capacity per node, which the vendor said can protect up to 100 TB of data, with a 10:1 deduplication ratio. The appliance uses Artisan Infrastructure's InstaCache technology to rehydrate data from deduped storage to high-performance solid-state drive storage for instant remote data recovery.

HybriStor does bidirectional replication across sites with global deduplication and it only transmits unique data blocks. The system supports N-to-1 data protection, so it protects multiple, geographically dispersed data centers, with one remote site that is optimized for large-scale protection.

David Hill, analyst at the Mesabi Group, said service providers may offer the product, but many enterprises are likely to choose to deploy it on their own.

"It's a virtual appliance, so it manages storage, but it does not actually provide storage," Hill said. "How high the amount of managed storage goes depends upon the type of storage managed."

Artisan Infrastructure and Neverfail

Artisan Infrastructure is now moving all of its data protection products under the Neverfail name.

While the backup and cloud gateway appliance includes the Neverfail name, it is not based on the technology that Artisan Infrastructure acquired last year, when Artisan bought the business continuity and application service-mapping software company. Artisan Infrastructure is now moving all of its data protection products under the Neverfail name.

"Neverfail expanded us into the OEM and VAR channel, and expanded our base to business continuity," said Larry Hart, senior vice president of cloud solutions and strategic alliances at Artisan Infrastructure. "We will go to a hybrid model and it will be primarily an on-premise solution that we'll develop over time as an onramp to our cloud. This also creates a need for secondary storage."

HybriStor offers the ability to connect to traditional server-based storage, but also object storage with the storage gateway option. It supports third-party backup applications that include Arcserve, Commvault Simpana, IBM Spectrum Protect, StorageCraft ShadowProtect, Veeam Backup and Replication, Veritas NetBackup, and VMware vSphere Data Protection. It also supports most backup and archive applications using NFS or a CIFS mount. It supports CIFS, NFS, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and Active Directory for CIFS.

The appliance is offered with perpetual, month-to-month and annual licensing and support programs.

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