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Arcserve UDP appliance upgrades capacity, memory to go up market

Data protection vendor moves up market with the 8000 Series Arcserve UDP appliance hardware. The 8000 models scale from 4 TB to 80 TB raw storage before source-side deduplication.

Arcserve took a step up market with four higher-capacity models of its Unified Data Protection backup appliances with expandable storage and memory.

The new Arcserve UDP 8000 Series of appliances launched this week include the UDP 8100, UDP 8200, UDP 8300 and UDP 8400. Each Arcserve UDP appliance is packaged with version 6 of Arcserve UDP software, which handles disk- and tape-based backup.

Arcserve UDP 6 software rolled out in February. The software supports array-based snapshots with NetApp FAS storage, Nimble Storage hyper-converged arrays and instant recovery of virtual machines.

The new Arcserve UDP appliance line will start shipping in November, with models scaling from 4 TB to 80 TB of raw capacity before Arcserve's source-side global deduplication. The data protection vendor estimates a 3:1 data reduction average for typical workloads, bringing the effective capacity to around 240 TB for the UDP 8400.

The UDP 8100 model and UDP 8200 have four drive bays for 12 Gbps SAS HDDs. UDP 8100 can take 2 TB HDDs, along with a single 120 GB SSD. UDP 8200 supports 4 TB HDDs and a 240 GB SSD.

The UDP 8300 and 8400 each have 12 HDD drive bays. The 8300 uses 4 TB HDDs for a maximum of 48 TB usable HDD and 480 GB SSD capacity. The 8400 holds 8 TB HDDs for 80 TB raw and 1.2 TB SSD capacity. All hardware configurations include slots for four DDR4 memory cards.

Arcserve uses the flash layer and DDR4 modules in combination to speed hash-table lookups and incremental forever backups.

The Arcserve UDP 8000 Series marks the vendor's second-generation backup hardware product since its spinout from CA Technologies in 2014. The Arcserve UDP 7000 Series is aimed mostly at the SMB market, while the higher-capacity boxes target customers in midmarket enterprises.

Customers could start with an Arcserve UDP 8100 building block and expand storage or RAM in place without swapping out hardware, said Christophe Bertrand, Arcserve's vice president of product marketing.

The Arcserve UDP 8000 Series marks the vendor's second-generation backup hardware product since its spinout from CA Technologies in 2014.

"We want to make it easier for our channel partners and end users to configure the perfect storage system, based on their resources," he said. "You will now be able to choose a base Arcserve UDP appliance and add capacity based on your backup, deduplication requirements and retention policies. We help you calculate what you need, based on your data consumption."

In packaging its proprietary software on branded hardware, Arcserve is following a delivery model used by Veritas Technologies and smaller vendors. Gartner distinguished analyst Dave Russell said the newest Arcserve UDP appliance series has a compelling feature set for data center customers.

"Arcserve has been in the market two years as an independent company, and now they are trying to go after midmarket and larger enterprises," Russell said. "They've got global deduplication -- although, dedupe is a fairly ubiquitous feature now. But they also have other things, like the ability to do bare-metal recovery, virtual standby and WAN efficiencies. It's a pretty robust system that scales up to 80 TB."

Gartner said Arcserve's worldwide market share grew by 28% last year, the fastest growth rate among data protection vendors, outpacing the average 5.2% growth rate. Russell said most of Arcserve's early traction is with customers in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

"This is part of their effort to gain more penetration in North America," Russell said.

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