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Veritas turns NetBackup 8.0 into data management platform

Veritas Technologies' latest version of its NetBackup product is integrated with copy data management, Veritas Resiliency Platform and Veritas Information Map.

As part of a move to build out its data management platform, Veritas Technologies integrated copy data management, end-to-end disaster recovery and metadata-driven data analytics into its flagship NetBackup 8.0.

The latest enterprise-level NetBackup, released this week, includes Veritas Velocity copy data management, Veritas Resiliency Platform and Veritas Information Map. The integration of these applications into NetBackup is part of the plan Veritas revealed at its Veritas Vision 2016 conference in September to expand its data protection capability and become a data management company. Veritas is nearing the end of its first year as an independent company after security giant Symantec sold the business to privately held The Carlyle Group.

Veritas refers to the integration of these new features into its backup application as "360 data management."

Veritas Velocity speeds up copy data management

Veritas Velocity copy data management aims to reduce the number of copies created by data protection point tools. As part of NetBackup 8.0, Veritas Velocity uses one golden data protection copy for other tasks such as test and development, data analytics and pre-production. Veritas Velocity is also available as a standalone product.

Jason Buffington, data protection analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, wrote in a published abstract that "the broad-based activity of data management encompasses, even from a single-workload perspective, myriad copies created to support both data protection initiatives and non-data protection initiatives (i.e., test/dev and analytics), not to mention the production copy used by the workforce. With so many copies, things can become unwieldy.

You can leverage NetBackup 8.0 as a recovery tier instead of using a number of tools.
Simon Jelleyvice president of product management for backup and recovery, Veritas

"Unfortunately, while most of those copies provide business value to workload administrators, IT ops teams and people across the organization, they often cause acute storage-consumption problems and are costly to the business in terms of both retention and management," he continued. "Copy data management is the industry term describing the double-edged challenge of ensuring various operating units have access to the copy [or copies] of data they need, and reducing that rampant storage growth."

Resiliency Platform, Information Map enhance NetBackup 8.0

The Veritas Resiliency Platform in NetBackup 8.0 helps provide management application availability across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. It manages workload migration, failback, data protection and nondisruptive recovery testing, and orchestration for backup via a single click.

"This means you can leverage NetBackup 8.0 as a recovery tier instead of using a number of tools," said Simon Jelley, vice president of product management for backup and recovery at Veritas. "It's a much cheaper recovery tier. It gives you the added value for orchestration in which backup is done in sync with a database and in a cluster. It provides orchestration of that backup."

The Veritas Information Map in NetBackup 8.0 uses the NetBackup catalog to provide a graphical view of backups that can be used for actionable intelligence on what data to migrate, archive or delete. It provides visibility into the data environment from the NetBackup catalog on a daily timeframe. It also allows reclaiming primary storage while managing risk and compliance.

 "This is all geared toward our overall data management platform vision," Jelley said.

Steven Hill, senior analyst of storage technologies at 451 Research, said this move toward a data management platform is about making better use of metadata.

"Companies are now finding value in metadata and that is partly what [Veritas] is trying to accomplish with this 360 fabric platform," Hill said. "There has not been a good platform for metadata. They are using NetBackup as a model for doing that."

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