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Komprise Data Management Grid broadens file analytics

The Komprise data plane sits out of band to return adaptive file analytics on data and metadata. The update supports unlimited linear scaling of Komprise VMs across a unified grid.

Komprise moved its grid-based adaptive file analytics software from beta to general availability and closed a $12 million funding round to expand marketing and distribution.

The Campbell, Calif., startup sells the agentless Komprise Data Management software to petabyte-scale companies. The general-availability release launched Tuesday adds the Komprise Data Management Grid for unlimited linear scale-out of virtual machines (VMs) on the fly.

Komprise manages load balancing, HA across grid

Komprise sells to customers in financial services, genomics, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment, and government. The company integrates the file analytics in array vendors' hardware, and it analyzes and archives the data.

"Most of these environments have petabytes of data and billions and billions of files. We scale so you can keep adding virtual machines as you need them," said Krishna Subramanian, COO at Komprise.

Komprise creates an out-of-band control plane that performs file analytics on data and metadata. The software uses adaptive automation to flexibly manage massive volumes across physical and virtual storage silos, throttling back when data is in active use.

Komprise provides hosted data management via NFS, SMB and Amazon Simple Storage Service. The product consists of two VMs that work in tandem: Komprise Observer and Komprise Director.

Observer is a downloadable VM that indexes files in a virtual repository. An Observer VM crawls through the file system to project the cost and performance benefits of moving seldom-used data to secondary storage.

Komprise Director is a policy-based controller that intelligently moves inactive data to cloud object stores.

The Komprise tool gives IT leaders a new weapon in their arsenal to go back to data owners and make decisions on when to pull the plug.
Arun Chandrasekaranresearch vice president, Gartner

New Observer VMs point to IP addresses of desired data shares on a grid. Komprise manages disaster recovery, high availability and load balancing of VMs across the grid.

Arun Chandrasekaran, a Gartner research vice president for storage, cloud and big data, said Komprise appeals to organizations with growing unstructured data. The organizations want greater visibility and intelligence around data movement and safe deletion.

"There is only so much you can do with deduplication and compression or moving data to lesser cost tiers," Chandrasekaran said. "At some point, you need to delete stuff. The Komprise tool gives IT leaders a new weapon in their arsenal to go back to data owners and make decisions on when to pull the plug."

Komprise partners with array vendors

Companies set storage budgets, but often can't itemize how those dollars are being spent, Subramanian said.

"They don't know which files are consuming their storage, which files are being used and who is using it. Our file analytics will show you this information for all your storage," Subramanian said.

Komprise has company in a hot market for secondary storage. Startups Cohesity, Igneous Systems and Rubrik are among newcomers to offer integrated physical hardware for backing up data to a hybrid cloud.

But Gartner's Chandrasekaran said software-only Komprise is more likely to go up against Veritas and Commvault as they expand their backup and archiving software into data management platforms.

"The other competitor I see is Primary Data, which is a startup that has similar capabilities, particularly from a data movement standpoint," Chandrasekaran said. 

Komprise partners with Amazon Web Services, Dell EMC, Google Cloud Storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, NetApp, Quantum, Spectra Logic and Scality.

The Komprise software as a service is sold as a perpetual license priced at $150 per terabyte. Pricing includes costs for archiving, file analytics, replication and secondary storage.

The $12 million Series B round was led by early-stage fund Walden International, with participation from original investor Canaan Partners. Individual investors include Bill Moore, who helped developed the Sun ZFS file system and DSSD (now part of Dell EMC), and SanDisk co-founder Sanjay Mehrotra.

The latest funding round pushes Komprise's private investment to $18 million. Canaan Partners provided $6 million in seed capital in 2015. 

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