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Veritas Information Map peers into cloud data

Veritas now has an Amazon S3 Connector that gives users visibility into their unstructured data residing in the cloud. Information Map can help identify risk.

Veritas Technologies is adding tools that address data visibility and migration challenges in multicloud environments as the company continues to build after its split from Symantec.

The Mountain View, Calif., company last week upgraded its Veritas Information Map with an S3 Connector that gives users visibility into their unstructured data residing in the Amazon cloud. The Information Map visualization tool helps identify risk, waste and complicated migration paths between clouds.

Previously, Information Map only provided visibility into data protected by Veritas NetBackup software.

"This is the first time we've announced a new data source that is not part of the Veritas portfolio," said Alex Sakaguchi, Veritas senior director of global cloud solutions marketing. "Customers now can get a visualization of their data even if it is not touched by NetBackup. In a sense, it was a limitation because data had to be backed up via NetBackup.

"So now with the S3 Connector, they can get a visual of their data from an extra data source as long as it exists in an S3 bucket," he said.

Sakaguchi said Veritas will add additional connectors beyond S3 this year.

Beyond backup into management and migration

Jason Buffington, principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), said the Veritas Information Map is a critical tool for addressing regulation compliance. That can prove especially valuable with the deadline approaching in 2018 for meeting the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

We carved out this migration capability from the Veritas Resiliency Platform technology.
Alex Sakaguchisenior director of global cloud solutions marketing, Veritas

"Veritas' broader story is to manage data," Buffington said. "It's all about managing your data and you can't manage what you can't see. You can't manage if you don't know where it is. [Veritas Information Map] can help with any regulation. GDPR is the one that a lot of folks are trying to get their heads around [right now]."

The new Veritas CloudMobility automation tool allows companies to migrate complex workloads from their data center to the cloud and, if needed, back to an on-premises cloud with one click. CloudMobility connects a product site to a standby site.

"We carved out this migration capability from the Veritas Resiliency Platform technology," Sakaguchi said. "The product allows users to do a pre-migration test and also can stand up infrastructure in a just-in-time manner."

Veritas also added CloudPoint snapshot-based data protection for more aggressive data recovery goals. CloudPoint manages snapshots while implementing consistent data protection policies in a multicloud environment. This product moves Veritas beyond traditional backup with its well-known NetBackup and Backup Exec software. Replication Director in NetBackup does not allow management of snapshots across clouds and multivendor products.

"CloudPoint aggregates the management of all snapshot vendors," Sakaguchi said. "Then we add a layer of cataloging and indexing of snapshots, which is the snapshot-based data protection piece."

With the Veritas Information Map upgrades and other new capabilities, ESG's Buffington said the company is moving quickly toward its goal of becoming a data management vendor.

"I know it's OK to say that they are evolutionary," he said. "At face value, they would seem incremental ... [but] this is quite a bit of momentum."

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