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Archive for Continuity247 brings cold cloud to Continuum

The Continuum backup and recovery line is enhanced with the addition of archiving for compliance and cheaper storage. Customers can use Glacier or their MSP's cloud.

Continuum has reached into the archives for an add-on to its backup and recovery platform.

Archive for Continuity247 provides Continuum's managed service providers (MSPs) with a cheaper data protection option, based on long-term cloud storage, for archival and compliance needs.

"It broadens the amount of customer solution they can address from a single platform," said Fielder Hiss, vice president of product at Boston-based Continuum.

MSPs using Continuity247 can store backups in either Amazon Glacier or their own cloud environment.

Hiss said many of Continuum's smaller clients served by MSPs don't need high availability for all their data, so moving it to long-term cloud storage can save them money.

Continuum charges per protected device. For local backup and disaster recovery, Continuity247 costs $39 per month for a server and $9 per month for a desktop. For a cloud server, pricing is a sliding scale based on size and number of images. The archival add-on is $10 per month for each protected device.

Continuum has been positioning the time frame of retrieving data at 24 to 36 hours. Hiss said the process moves "rather quickly" for the data to go from a cold to live state, but it also depends on data size and bandwidth.

Launched in late June, Archive is a "very simple add-on," Hiss said, for existing Continuity247 customers. New customers can choose to enable the add-on.

Continuum's Fielder HissFielder Hiss

On the market for about two years, Continuity247 is a hardware-agnostic, managed backup and disaster recovery platform for service providers, featuring Continuum's Server Backup Manager appliance software, protected server backup agent software, continuous data protection and cloud storage. Data backed up using Continuity247 is stored on a local appliance and can be replicated off site to the cloud.

Clients can perform a disaster recovery test on the local appliance. Continuum also supports a full site recovery in its virtualized cloud, Hiss said.

Continuum provides software and services to more than 5,000 MSPs that support SMBs.

Continuity247 cuts out complexities for MSP

One of those MSPs, MySherpa, started using Archive for Continuity247 in its pilot program in May. MySherpa has been a Continuum partner since 2006.

It broadens the amount of customer solution [MSPs] can address from a single platform.
Fielder Hissvice president of product at Continuum, on Continuity247

Ethan Tancredi, president of MySherpa, based in Wilmington, Del., said his company offers managed IT and security services to about 70 clients.

The 18-employee organization is in the process of transitioning clients over to Continuity247. Tancredi said if a client has a server with MySherpa, they recommend the use of a backup and disaster recovery appliance.

The archiving has been working well so far, Tancredi said. MySherpa chose the Glacier storage option, not wanting to set up its own cloud for the archival data.

MySherpa previously tried setting up an archival platform for one client under compliance regulations for its data. Glacier proved to be too complex at the time, and the plan moved to the back burner. Now, though, Tancredi can see the benefits for this client with the Continuum archive add-on, and he said the setup from MySherpa's point of view is easy.

MySherpa has a wide range of SMB clients, but Tancredi said he sees the most potential for the archival feature with its construction, design and medical businesses.

"We've just started talking to clients about it," Tancredi said. "They're intrigued by it."

Tancredi has set expectations with them about the time lag, which he said is important to do.

"This is not instantaneously restoring data," he said.

For example, one customer that has 500 GB of data would probably need a couple of days to retrieve it.

Tancredi has talked to the product team about possible improvements to the archive add-on for Continuity247. He said he would like an easier way to grab a partition and send it off site, versus grabbing the whole server. He's also asked about adding more targets beyond Glacier.

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