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Cross-vendor reporting tool eases backup woes

Using backup software from five different vendors? Using five different backup reporting tools? A Washington-based company says it can simplify the problem by offering a centralized cross-vendor reporting tool.

Bocada Inc., Bellevue, Wash., has developed reporting software that lets users detect and troubleshoot data backup problems on all their backup software, regardless of the vendor.

While most backup software comes with reporting capabilities, it can only detect problems on its own platform. Bocada's software, called BackupReport V1.5, is able to detect backup problems on any vendors' backup software throughout the network, the company said.

It's a real simple concept, said Steve Duplessie, senior analyst, Enterprise Storage Group. But, Bocada is the first to figure it out and bring it to market. The software could virtually eliminate backup reporting headaches within multi-vendor IT environments.

According to Dupliessie, the average Fortune 1000 company runs thousands of backup jobs per day. They run different backup software in different departments. "This tool is a centralized to tell what job bombed and what didn't," he said. "It seems somewhat fundamental, but this is the first time we've seen a product do this."

"Simply put, Bocada enables IT shops to meet their backup and recovery service level agreements,? said Duplessie. "Any tool that instantly identifies problems with backup is something everyone needs. The first step to being able to recover is to know that you successfully backed up. It sounds simple, but we still estimate as much as 40% of all backups fail for one reason or another, and usually no one knows until it's too late."

BackupReport V1.5 includes enhanced analysis and reporting of backup windows, system throughput and reliability. This latest version of BackupReport also introduces Error Filtering; a reliability analysis tool that enhances system diagnostics by allowing IT professionals to selectively eliminate non-critical errors irrelevant to individual storage environment

"Enterprise storage SLA's and policies will vary depending upon the importance of data to the enterprise, the volume of data being managed, the number of personnel and resources being protected and, of course, the risk profile of the enterprise," said Liam Scanlan, Bocada's Vice President of Product Development. "Bocada is dedicated to providing a flexible, open framework that helps validate that our customers' storage systems reliably and efficiently meet our customers' individual objectives and policies, irrespective of the operating system, storage management software or storage network architecture they choose."

BackupReport V1.5 is now available. Pricing starts at $2995. Pricing for larger environments is based upon number, type and configuration of backup servers.


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