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BRONZE: Quantum DX30

Review of Quantum DX30


One of our judges didn't call the Quantum DX30 Enhanced Backup Solution "dead sexy" for nothing. You may want disk for backups and tape for restores, but how do you combine these technologies for the least disruption to your current backup procedures? Enter the DX30.

The disk-based DX30 emulates a tape library, making it easy to implement without changing your infrastructure or backup policies. Because it doesn't use an operating system, it backs up large blocks of data and achieve transfer speeds beyond 216Gb/hour, increasing the likelihood of successful backups and reducing restore time to less than 10 seconds. If floor space is a concern, no worries here. It packs 3TB capacity into two rack units.

The DX30 is the first of a family of products based on Quantum's Adaptive Disk Array Management Technology platform (ADAM), which enables high density and large data transfers without a lot of power consumption. One downside to the DX30: The list price for a fully configured DX30 is about $55,000, or about $16/GB -- to which one of the judges exclaimed, "Gimme a break."

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