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Bocada creates service from backup tool

Software startup Bocada is offering its backup analysis reporting tool as a service through its partners, resellers and system integrators.

Backup specialist Bocada Inc., Bellevue, Wash., has taken a new approach toward getting its backup and recovery analysis software into customer data centers by offering its BackupReport Storage Intelligence software as a service through Bocada partners and system integrators.

BackupReport looks at the relative success or failure of an organization's backup processes. Using an intuitive GUI, it offers visual cues to identify how well your backups have succeeded. The final reports can identify up to several hundred gigabytes that haven't been backed up successfully.

Bocada's new CIP Program, available through Bocada and its CIP Partners, aggregates, analyzes and reports on the recoverability and overall performance of enterprise-wide backup and recovery operations, the company said.

Bocada said that the use of BackupReport and the CIP Program can help identify, quantify and answer questions about backup reliability and cost across multiple backup systems, storage architectures and operating systems, without the deployment of software agents.

"[Bocada has] had some trouble penetrating the market of companies with single backup solutions across the entire enterprise," said Anne Skamarock, a senior analyst for Boulder, Colo.-based Enterprise Management Associates Inc. "But for companies managing multiple backup solutions, BackupReport is a no-brainer."

Skamarock said that Bocada's software rounds up all the backup data from many different backup products and condenses it into a usable format. The upshot here is that customers who support multiple backup products will not have to monitor each one separately. "This gives the customer a single console with which to view the status of all backups, across all backup products," she said.

The CIP Program will include deployments of BackupReport for time periods ranging from three to 14 days. Customers receive a set of tools that generate reports identifying and quantifying system and operational issues. At the end of the analysis, BackupReport offers recommendations for improving recoverability.

"People still don't focus on backup as necessary for business processes," said Bocada's CEO, Mark Silverman.

He said the service can provide more visibility into software packages from secondary storage companies that had no reporting structure built into their backups.

"We're able to tell [users] where they are today. Are my backups successful? If they aren't, why not?" he said.

Steve Kenniston, a senior analyst with Enterprise Storage Group Inc., Milford, Mass., said that Bocada has made headway in the storage market, but the services play is intended to get better software deployment opportunities by working with the service players.

"The product is easy to deploy and adds a great deal of credibility in a short period of time by providing some real reporting on what is going on in the environment and [allowing] the service folks to begin fixing issues right away," Kenniston said.

Bocada competes with companies such as Vyant Technologies Inc., which has a product called RealTime, and with products offered by the backup vendors. "But these only support the vendors products and don't drill down into the troubleshooting as much as Bocada," Kenniston said.

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