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Veritas announces NetBackup, Backup Exec roadmap

Veritas unloaded its product arsenal Tuesday at its annual user conference by announcing several software upgrades for its NetBackup and Backup Exec products planned for 2003.

Veritas Software Corp. unloaded its entire product arsenal Tuesday at its annual user conference in Las Vegas by announcing several software upgrades for its NetBackup and Backup Exec products planned for 2003.

The Mountain View, Calif., company's product plans include a data protection and synchronization technology for desktops and laptops, dubbed Project Shadow, disk-based backup and recovery capabilities and new archiving and data management tools.

Veritas also painted a strategic picture of its roadmap for storage management, including plans to deliver storage virtualization, expanded storage resource management (SRM) and a new management dashboard called Service Manager.

Marty Ward, director of product marketing, said despite Veritas' move into the server side of the data center, the company's overall strategy has not changed.

"Integration problems are not an issue. The good news is that a lot of our products are already integrated," Ward said.

He said 2003 will see features like archiving, SRM and automation find their way into the Veritas product line, but that new technologies will be rolled out in a modular fashion to give customers time to digest and implement the products.

Jamie Gruener, a senior analyst for the Yankee Group Inc. in Boston, Mass., said Veritas wants to integrate as much as it can into a common platform and have customers move toward that platform during the next year to 18 months.

"What Veritas is trying to do right now is integrate the acquisitions [of Jareva Technologies Inc. and Precise Software Solutions Ltd.] to make sure that they consolidate what each brings to the table," Gruener said. "The big picture is that it's going to take a while for them to finish the integration. It's not something they can do overnight."

Project Shadow was designed to work with existing file servers and allows users to self-administer protection, recovery and synchronization of their own data. In addition, Project Shadow includes compression and off-line recovery features that allow mobile workers to protect and recover data. Veritas said the Project Shadow technology will be delivered in late 2003 as an option for NetBackup and Backup Exec.

The next release of NetBackup is said to feature a pair of new capabilities, synthetic backups and wizard-driven virtual backup clients. Veritas said synthetic backups allow incremental backups to disk, while the incremental images are periodically synthesized to a full backup image on tape. The virtual backup client consolidates disk-based options for NetBackup into an automated process to select and configure a method to meet service levels.

Veritas also tackled emerging regulatory requirements and data retention policies. The company is readying extensions for its data protection products that will boost its existing hierarchical storage management offering to add archiving in late 2003. Veritas said the archiving enhancements will focus on the regulatory requirements for Microsoft Exchange and the native Windows file system (NTFS). The planned solution will archive and retain data based on regulatory policies to disk, optical or tape, provide index and search for retrieval, automate data migration of archived data and will be fully compatible with both Backup Exec and NetBackup.

Mike Fisch, director of storage networking for the Clipper Group Inc. in Wellesley, Mass., said Veritas is redefining itself in terms of utility computing. "It's the next IT architecture that the IT industry is evolving toward from classic distributed computing," he said.

"Veritas is hitting on many of the hot spots [with] tiered storage classes, moving storage intelligence into the SAN and managing the end-to-end data path," Fisch said.

Fisch said Veritas' current strategy covers storage, servers and application management.

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