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Clariion Disk Library using FalconStor virtualization

EMC's new backup system – the Clariion Disk Library – is using virtualization technology from FalconStor in its efforts to end tape's backup dominance.

PHOENIX--When EMC Corp., Hopkinton, Mass., launched its Clariion Disk Library earlier this week it omitted a minor detail. The Clariion DL series of backup systems is utilizing tape emulation software licensed from Melville, N.Y.-based FalconStor Software Inc.

According to FalconStor's public relations manager, Herman Chin, EMC has licensed "tape emulation components" of FalconStor's IPStor software for use in the Clariion DL. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Roy Sanford, EMC's vice president of markets and alliances said EMC "has licensed some of FalconStor's technology and embedded it in the Clariion Disk Library."

FalconStor touts its IPStor software as having extensive disaster recovery functions including advanced replication and snapshot services, bare metal recovery, backup acceleration, real-time data migration functionality and the ability to perform continuous online and nearline backups. It has also been utilized in competing virtual tape library systems to aid in tape emulation.

EMC is positioning the Clariion Disk Library as a "functional replacement" for tape libraries. Clariion DL can be inserted into an existing backup environment, emulating popular tape libraries from companies such as ADIC, Quantum ATL, and StorageTek. Clariion DL can also automatically initiate the process of making a tape copy for offsite storage, circumventing the backup server.

However, the Clariion DL is not quite a virtual tape library. Virtual tape helps users meet backup windows by acting as a staging area, while Clariion DL is architected to speed data recovery time by keeping large numbers of backup images online and local.

EMC did not disclose the licensing deal as part of its Clariion Disk Library announcement Monday, but Sanford said FalconStor was obligated to reveal the deal because of its status as a publicly traded company.


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