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Backup challenges: Slow backup and recovery, growing capacity demands


Enterprise backup solutions too slow for users

Creating reliable, up-to-date backups of an organization's critical data -- and being able to restore that data quickly and efficiently -- is the most important goal for any IT pro tasked with handling backups and searching for the perfect enterprise backup solution.

Just over half of the respondents said that backups take too long, even with improvements over the past few years to backup hardware and software aimed at speeding backups. 

Administrators can also turn to data protection management tools as an enterprise backup solution that can help set service levels for backup to prioritize mission-critical backups over less-critical data, and determine if there are any problems involving backup in an environment. Another enterprise backup solution is data archiving, which is the process of moving less-needed data from primary storage to another storage device for long-term retention.

Tape can offer a better price-per-gigabyte than the equivalent size in a hard disk, making it ideal for long-term retention. This can also help administrators grapple with the ever-rising amount of data that needs to be protected.

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