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Backup School Quiz 1, Answer # 9

Here is the answer to Backup School, quiz 1, Answer # 9.

Question #9

Which of the following has a cost calculation rule?

a. Simple costs
b. Proactive recovery
c. Opportunity costs
d. System failure resulting in downtime

Were you correct? The correct answer is:

d) System failure resulting in downtime

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Availability Index, which is really just a fancy way of showing the trade-off between the cost of downtime and the cost of uptime. The more your downtime costs, the more technology you need to implement to protect your systems against that downtime, and the more that technology will cost.

Ultimately, availability is not a technology decision, but rather is a business decision. If the protection methods were free, then every user on every system would get 100% (or close to it) uptime through any and all calamities, and it wouldn't cost them anything for the privilege. Since uptime is far from free, the decision is much more complicated than that.

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