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Backup school: Quiz two, answer three

Here is the answer to Backup school quiz two, question three.

Question #3

Two choices for disk imaging discussed in Lesson 5 are:

a) Centralized and decentralized
b) Localized and centralized
c) Decentralized and degragmented
d) Localized and defragmented

Were you correct?

The correct answer is:

B. Localized and centralized

Learn more:

Imaging is the capture, storage, manipulation, and display of images. In document imaging, the emphasis is on capturing, storing, and retrieving information from the images (which are often mainly images of text). In graphical imaging, the emphasis is on the manipulation of created images in order to achieve special effects through rotating, stretching, blurring, resizing, twirling, and other changes to the original image.

An image backup refers to a semi-traditional backup where data is being backed up from disk to (probably) tape. The only difference is that the data is being backed up via the raw device instead of via the filesystem. A number of commercial products support this type of backup such as Legato's SnapImage or Veritas' FlashBackup.

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