Tech Report: Object-based backup

Tech Report: Object-based backup

Reducing the time it takes to backup data, and finding a better way to manage this process, is increasingly becoming a top priority for SAN users. In this month's "Tech Report" storage analyst Jerome M. Wendt explains why object-based storage products can make your backup process run more efficiently, minimizing disk space and management headaches. Below, you will find links to a number of articles on this subject, as well as a Learning Guide on backup/recovery, our Backup School and Advanced Backup School.

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Click here for the original tech report from Storage magazine. This article also includes a downloadable comparison table about object-based content management products.

For more information about object-based backup, take a look at these resources:

  • Could CAS replace time-honored file systems?
  • Sun develops Centera competitor
  • EMC Centera scalability hampers large e-mail archivesa>
  • StorageTek joins fixed content archiving fray
  • What is content-addressed storage?

    Also on backup:

  • Backup School: The author of "The Backup Book", Dorian Cougias is your Backup School professor. In each of these 15-minute lessons he'll walk you through what a backup is, all the way through reading that last tape for optimal recovery. Backup School is in session -- enjoy!
  • Advanced Backup School: Now, with Advanced Backup School, it's time to take backup to the next level. Author and VP of Services, Glasshouse Technologies W. Curtis Preston will cover topics such as multi-streaming, interleaving, and multiplexing, and how most environments misuse them...
  • Learning guide: Backup/recovery:'s unique resources help you navigate your way through the process of backing up and recovering your mission critical data.

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