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30 AS/400 backup tips in 30 minutes's sister site posted these 30 AS/400 backup tips that should take you about 30 minutes to digest.'s sister site posted these 30 AS/400 backup tips that should take you about 30 minutes to digest.

IPL'ing before a system backup
Is there a problem with doing an IPL (restart *yes) before a full system backup (option 21)?

Is there any difference between doing an IPL with RESTART of *YES vs. doing a RESTART of *NO, and then having to manually power the system back up?

New upgrade causes longer backups
ASK THE EXPERTS : Since my V5R1M0 upgrade, my SAVSYS backup takes four to five times longer. Do you have any idea why?

Speeding up the weekly backup
Once a week I use a scheduled job that runs in QCTL to save most of the system. How do I speed that up?

Weekly backup of only user libraries
The problem: When the 152 libraries are saved, we receive the following error: Function check. CPF3777 QMHUNMSG unmonitored by BACKUP at statement 700, instruction X'0015'. Statement 700 is cmd savlib. What's going wrong?

5 minutes...

Improving daily backups
I'm trying to improve my daily backup. I normally execute my backup CL in QBATCH subsystem. If CL were executed in another subsystem, such as QCTL, what subsystem could be stopped? Would the backup time be improved with subsystems stopped?

Possible to create CL program to run nightly backup?
I'd like to create a CL program to run our nightly backup. I'd like to run it in a restricted state by ending the subsystems...

Entire system backup using WRKJOBSCDE
How can I save an entire system backup using the job scheduling method(WRKJOBSCDE)?

Save a library while its files are active
I want to save a library while its files are active. How do I do this?

BRMS for backups vs. native IBM SAVSYS
We are using BRMS for backups, when we do a SAVSYS using BRMS the SAVSYS takes five to six hours to complete. The SAVSYS we...

10 minutes...

Journaling and incremental backups
Do you have to have journaling to do incremental backups?

Submit a FULL system backup to batch
We want to submit the save 21 (qmnsave) unattended, that is, not the Friday or Saturday night connect to console and to...

Back up a specific directory
I need to back up a directory. We perform a WRKLNK from a command line, and then go to /QOpenSys/NJ/RSBACKUP/. We are saving ...

Creating unique SAVF names
I am currently performing a scheduled daily backup by saving the library in a SAVF, then saving the SAVF onto a tape. But...

Save multiple libraries to a single SAVF
My system is running out of disk space. I would like to know if there is a way to save multiple libraries to a single SAVF?

15 minutes...

Preparing a final backup
We're getting a new iSeries and we need to be sure that we get all of the information from one machine to the other.

Automating the backup procedure
We are on an iSeries 730 box. We're doing our backups manually, using the GO SAVE command (option 21 - Entire Systems).

Encrypt data when saving to tape
Is it possible to encrypt data when saving to tape, and then to restore the data in another iSeries?

Working with save-while-active checkpoints
I noticed that you recommend the system in a quiesce state while the save-while-active reaches its checkpoint before...

Quiesce the system
What is the best way to quiesce the system when doing a SWA of libraries?

20 minutes...

Verifying a backup is complete
What is the best way to verify that I have everything on the tape that I wanted to backup? What log can I look at, or does running a manual backup create a log?

Are your backups complete?
No security plan is complete without addressing the issue of safe and complete backups.

Are you saving everything?
Learn about the "things" that are not saved in your normal daily save.

Restoring the iSeries
Where can I find a complete restore procedure for the entire system from start to finish?

Restore a single program source program
Is there a method to restore a single program source program from a backup rather than restore the entire library?

25 minutes...

Restoring iSeries objects
I want to restore objects from the Save file on the tape. Is there any way to restore objects without restoring save files on the system?

BRMS recovery process
When recovering user libraries, BRMS requires you to restore the full save and then the daily save.

Restoring two iSeries from the same media
Is it possible for one iSeries system (machine 2) to be restoring at the same time from the same media as a backup?

Simplifying individual object restores
Having a method for quick and easy restore for individual objects is important in the overall security plans for your shop.

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