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Backup/DR tips: What's hot this summer?

Virtual tape libraries, disaster recovery, iSCSI backup and backup optimization are topics that our readers are currently contemplating.

Virtual tape libraries (VTL), disaster recovery (DR), iSCSI backup and backup optimization are topics that our readers are mulling over as the temperature rises for the summer months. Check out the top Backup/DR tips from the first half of this year, then grab your flip-flops, get far away from your desk and soak up some sun. It's nice out there.

  • Best practices: Optimizing your backups
    Most organizations back up data one way or another nowadays -- but just how many do it well? This tip will show you some of the areas of backups you should consider optimizing.
  • Is a VTL right for your organization?
    Ever since virtual tape libraries were ported to open systems, the technology has gained in popularity. This tip will help you evaluate the reasons why you may or may not want to implement virtual tape.
  • Disaster recovery approaches for your VTL
    It's possible for you to leverage your VTL to support business continuance and disaster recovery products. Learn how a VTL can be an integral part of a data protection strategy to support BC and DR.
  • Backup/DR information

    EMC adds backup app awareness to VTL

    Disaster recovery planning: Special report

    D2D2D -- Disaster recovery for the rest of your data

  • Worst practices for backup and DR
    Even when network administrators are aware of the need for a solid data backup and recovery plan, too many companies observe worst practices, thereby dooming the plan. Here's a partial list of what they may be doing wrong.
  • Back up your system with iSCSI
    The cost of an iSCSI backup system can range from practically nothing to as much as a Fibre Channel SAN. Here's what you need to know to pick the right price-performance point for your enterprise.
  • Prepare for next-generation backup

  • Learn how to plan and be well-prepared for changes, new technologies and techniques in data protection.

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