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Choose the right tape library

Some considerations for choosing the right tape library.

With multiple tape drives and automated tape handling, tape libraries provide a lot of functionality for enterprise backup. However that functionality comes at a price and when selecting a tape library it makes sense to get one that will give you expandability.

To help insure expandability there are several features to look for when choosing a tape library. For example the library should have the capacity to add more tape drives if needed. This will let the library's performance expand to fill the ever-shrinking backup window. Adding a new drive is a lot cheaper than buying a new library.

Another important feature is barcode scanning. While you can manage a few tapes without barcodes, as the number of tapes grows barcode will help you -- and the library -- keep the tapes straight.

The library should also be easy to expand in the field. If the service tech has to take the library back to the shop -- or ship it back to the factory -- you're going to be without your backup for a while and that's not a good thing.

Qualstar discusses selecting a tape library in a white paper titled "Tape libraries for lights out operations".

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