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Expert advice: Addressing the challenges of endpoint backup

This collection of expert advice offers insight on addressing the challenges of endpoint backup to ensure your organization's data is protected.

Endpoint backup is an emerging area of data protection. Many shops do not perform backups of laptops and smartphones or require users to perform those backups themselves. However, as the workforce becomes more mobile and these devices gain capacity, the likelihood of losing important or sensitive data on a lost, damaged or stolen laptop or mobile device continues to increase.

Endpoint backup can be challenging for a number of reasons. The biggest difficulty occurs because these devices are not always (if ever) connected to a network. However, the endpoint backup picture has improved greatly over the past few years thanks to increased attention and innovation in the space.

If you are worried about losing data on endpoint devices (as you should be), this collection of recent expert advice is a great place to start learning more about the subject.

Ways to back up mobile devices and laptops
Backup expert Brien Posey discusses the state of enterprise backups for mobile devices and laptop computers in this Expert Answer.

The challenges of backing up laptops and mobile devices
This Expert Answer details challenges involved with laptop and mobile device data backup, such as limited connectivity and bandwidth and how backup vendors are addressing these issues.

Endpoint data backup methods
Learn the pros and cons of various methods of data backup, including cloud, CDP and scheduled backups.

The rise of practical laptop backups
This Expert Answer explains improvements in laptop computer backups, which are becoming a manageable task after decades as a thorn in the sides of IT pros.

The difference between tablet backups and laptop backups
Learn why smartphone and tablet backup offer a completely different set of challenges than backing up laptops.

Using third-part software to back up iPhones, iPads
Learn how iPhone and iPad backup is performed using third-party software in this Expert Answer.

Mobile backup and file-sharing tools junction
Learn about the convergence of mobile backup and file-sharing tools that is occurring in the enterprise backup space.

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