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Is switching from NetBackup to BrightStor worth it?

If you want to switch your backup software to cut costs, Pierre Dorion suggests you consider new costs such as training for new skills since this can overshadow any savings.

User problem: We are currently using Veritas NetBackup DataCenter v3.4.1 for our Windows and HP-UX platforms backup via a SAN architecture.

We are paying high monthly maintenance fees for the Veritas software and as such, we would like to evaluate the BrightStor Enterprise Backup solution as an alternative to Veritas' NetBackup DataCenter.

How do these two software solutions match up? Are we comparing apple with apples?

Answer: The high-level answer to your question would be yes, you are comparing apples to apples. Both NetBackup and BrightStor share a similar full plus incremental backup architecture. Both offer features such as backup to disk, LAN free and server free backups, tape device sharing, etc.

A word of caution if you ever plan on using Macintosh computers -- there is no EB support for the Mac OS. Another thing to consider when evaluating the product is the Bare Metal Restore option which is limited to Windows and Solaris, as well as hardware support. Also, there is a wide range of supported devices for BrightStor EB but I would make sure that your main hardware components -- tape and disk storage, SAN components, etc. -- are fully supported before making a decision.

Last but not least, consider the cost of training for new skills and revising or recreating automated backup processes imposed by a backup software change. These can quickly overshadow any licensing cost savings.

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About the author: Pierre Dorion is a Storage Architect with Mainland Information Systems Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta Canada, specializing in backup and recovery, data availability and data storage architecture. He's also's Backup software expert

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