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The benefits and risks of online data backup and cloud services for SMBs

Learn about the benefits and risks of using online data backup and cloud services for your SMB.

Online data backup and cloud services are emerging in the small- to midsized business (SMB) data storage market today. Online data backup allows users to send their data to be backed up to a remote site without the associated cost of setting up and managing a remote data center, and can be very beneficial to small-to midsized businesses, especially if they have a small staff. However, there are also many risks involved in using cloud services.

Lauren Whitehouse, an analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group, answers questions about online data backup such as:

  • What are the different approaches to cloud backup that vendors are taking?
  • What are some of the benefits of using cloud services?
  • What are the main risks involved in using online data backup?
  • What types of companies should use online data backup? Is this recommended for SMBs?
  • What sort of procedures should an IT staff go through to make sure their online backups are secure?
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Lauren Whitehouse discusses online data backup and cloud services
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