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The top 10 data backup and data protection tips for SMBs

Data backup/data protection is the No. 1 storage problem for storage administrators working at organizations of all sizes. Here's our best backup tips for SMBs.

Data backup/data protection is the No. 1 storage problem for storage administrators at organizations of all sizes, whether you work at a large enterprise or a smaller business with just a handful of users. But SMBs often have less storage expertise and tighter budgets, and this makes their backup needs unique. To help you address these problems, we've collected our best tips on data backup and data protection for SMBs. Whether you are backing up to tape, considering disk-based backup, or want to learn about the latest backup technologies like data deduplication, we have the answers here.

Tape backup and recovery technology tutorial
Despite all the hype around disk-based backup and data deduplication, tape remains the most common way users ultimately store their backups. Even if they first back up to disk, most users eventually store their backups on tape. Learn about recent changes in tape technology and how to best use tape in a modern backup environment in this tutorial by backup guru W. Curtis Preston.

How to optimize your backup tape rotation strategy
Tape rotation is an essential part of backing up to tape and creating an effective data backup strategy. Are you confused about how often to rotate your tapes and how to keep track of them? Here's a look at the most common backup tape rotation schemes and the pros and cons of different tape rotation strategies.

Migrating from tape to disk
Are you thinking of making the move from tape to disk-based backup? Read the tip to learn about the pros and cons of tape and disk backup to help decide whether or not your business is ready to migrate from tape-based to disk-based backup.

Disk-based data backup and recovery tutorial
In a tough economy, storage administrators looking to stretch storage budgets are doing so by implementing disk-based backup technologies like virtual tape libraries and data deduplication. This disk-based backup and recovery tutorial takes a look at disk-based backup's evolution over the past few years and offers a roundup of recent disk backup news and expert advice.

Disk-based data backup and recovery for SMBs
As storage capacity needs grow in SMBs, disk is increasingly being used as a backup storage target. In this FAQ, Executive Editor and Independent Backup Expert W. Curtis Preston discusses the role of disk-based backup in the SMB space. You can also download his interview on disk backup for SMBs.

Continuous data protection: Pros and cons for SMBs
Until recently, SMBs that were running only one server and a handful of laptops were less likely to implement continuous data protection (CDP) due to cost and complexity. Understand how CDP works, the benefits of CDP and the pros and cons of deploying CDP for SMBs.

Continuous data protection solutions for SMBs
In part two in our series on CDP for SMBs, learn about specific CDP solutions for SMBs.

Ten questions to ask your online data backup provider
With companies cutting back on capital expenses and massive layoffs being made, online data backup storage services are being taken more seriously, expecially by SMBs. Here's a list of questions to ask a potential online data backup provider.

Getting started with data deduplication
Data deduplication is one of the hottest technologies in data protection today, but there are many minconceptions about the different dedupe methods. Here's a primer on data deduplication for SMBs. Learn about what you need to know if you're thinking about implementing data deduplication.

A comparison of data compression and data deduplication technologies for SMBs
The term "data deduplication" can be confusing because it's often used to describe technologies that aren't really data deduplication at all. Learn about the different types of data compression, the pros and cons of each, and data compression recommendations for SMBs.

If you want to learn even more about data protection for SMBs, bookmark our special section on data backup for SMBs.

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