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Top 5 backup/DR tips of 2007

Here are the top 5 backup/DR tips of 2007, based on our readers' interest. This list covers topics such as data deduplication, LTO tapes and outsourcing backup.

Data deduplication was a hot button this year, with storage administrators searching for any information they could find about this data reduction technology. The two most popular tips related to backup this year covered different approaches for using data deduplication.

Other popular tips in 2007 discussed how to estimate the lifespan of LTO tapes, how to determine the right service level when outsourcing backup, and how to use media pools for managing removable storage.

  1. CAS and data deduplication: Partners in archiving

    Learn about CAS and data deduplication, the uses for each, and the technologies' strengths and weaknesses.

  2. In-band vs. out-of-band deduplication

    Learn about in-band and out-of-band deduplication and some pros and cons of each approach.

  3. How to estimate the lifespan of LTO tapes

    Learn how to estimate the lifespan of LTO tape. It's not as black and white as LTO tape manufacturers want you to believe.

  4. Outsourcing backup: Get the right service level agreement

    This podcast offers information on how to make sure that a SLA meets your needs and requirements when outsourcing backup.

  5. Making the most of media pools

    Learn what media pools are and the benefits of using them for managing removable storage.

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