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Top five data dedupe tips of 2011

Data dedupe has gone mainstream and is widely deployed by organizations to reduce backup data. Check out our top five data dedupe tips of the year.

Over the past few years, data dedupe has gone mainstream and is widely deployed by organizations to reduce the amount of data they back up. The editors of have compiled our list of five tips that will show you the benefits of deduplication, where you should dedupe your data, how data deduplication fits within your disaster recovery plan, an explanation of global data deduplication, a look at target-based deduplication appliances, and the rise of deduplication software.

Tip #1

The benefits of deduplication and where you should dedupe your data

With an increasing number of vendors now featuring deduplication as a standalone product or part of their backup products, it’s no surprise that deduplication has moved from a boutique offering to a universally adopted technology. This tip looks at the reasons for adopting deduplication as well as giving an in-depth examination of how these methods would work in your organization.

Tip #2

Using data dedupe technology as part of your disaster recovery strategy

As we’ve already discussed, data deduplication is no longer a passing fad. This tip will show you how data deduplication works, where it fits in the world of data backup and disaster recovery, the advantages it offers in data backup and disaster recovery, as well as the potential disadvantages.

Tip #3

Global data deduplication explained

This tip defines global deduplication, compares data compression with data deduplication, discusses the differences between global data deduplication and local data deduplication, and looks at when global deduplication is most important.

Tip #4

A look at target-based deduplication appliances

This tip examines target-based deduplication appliances. You’ll learn the pros and cons, what questions you must answer when choosing a deduplication appliance, and the difference between source and target deduplication.

Tip #5

Deduplication appliances under pressure from dedupe software

According to users and analysts, deduplication appliances are still the preferred option for many organizations. However, interest in software dedupe has caught on due to its increased reliability and availability. This tip also examines how you can decide whether deduplication hardware or software makes the most sense for your organization.

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