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Top five tape storage backup and recovery tips of 2009

Here's a look at the top five tape storage backup and recovery tips of 2009. Learn about tape backup and tape trends in 2009 with these top tips.

Tape storage or disk, which is better for your data backup and recovery plan? Although disk-based backup is trying to push tape storage into the shadows of data backup, incorporating tape storage into data backup plans can be beneficial in the long run. But why?

Tape storage "is still the most economical way to store and transport large amounts of data," said W. Curtis Preston, executive editor at TechTarget and independent backup expert. And in 2009, new trends have been seen in the use of tape backups. According to Preston, "In new backup systems, tape is moving to long-term archive and secondary copies of backups. It is being used less and less as an initial target for backups."

To help you learn more about tape backups and tape trends in 2009, we've compiled our five best tips on tape backup from 2009. Whether you want to learn how to improve tape performance, need to learn the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading from LTO-3 and LTO-4, want to learn more about LTO-5, or want to catch up on the latest info on tape in our tutorials, we have all the information here on

TIP #1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Data backup and recovery tutorial: Tape storage
Tape storage continues to be important to data backup plans. Learn about the important role that tape has in a data backup system, how to go about choosing the right tape library for your data backup system, what steps to take to get the most out of your tapes and the status of tape storage today. Find out more about tape storage in this tutorial by W. Curtis Preston.

TIP #2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tape backup best practices: How to improve tape storage performance
How do you get the most out of your tapes? In order to improve tape performance, you must know your tape drive, your data sources, data paths, and backup applications. To find out more about tape backup best practices, read this tip on improving your tape storage performance in your data backup environments.

TIP #3-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fine-tuning tape storage systems for better data backup performance
Tape systems are very different than disk, and require an even flow of data at a consistent speed in order to work efficiently. In order to improve your tape backup performance, you should check for data backup bottlenecks, set your block size properly and use data deduplication. Read more about fine-tuning your tape storage system in this tip.

TIP #4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Upgrading from LTO-3 to LTO-4 tape for data backup and recovery
Upgrading from LTO-3 tape drives to the higher capacity LTO-4 tape drives is a tempting solution for many backup/storage administrators. However, before you make the choice to upgrade, you should look at both the advantages and disadvantages of LTO-4. Does your existing software support it? Do you have a good key management system in place? And do you have backward compatibility with your tapes? Learn more about upgrading from LTO-3 to LTO-4 for data backup and recovery in this tip.

TIP #5-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here comes LTO-5 tape technology, ready or not
With a slow economy and adoption of LTO-4 by no means complete, the LTO Consortium is gearing up to offer LTO-5, probably early in 2010, with a capacity likely to be in the range of 3.2 TB and data transfer rates of up to 360 MBps (in both cases, assuming a 2:1 compression ratio). But do you need LTO-5? Is it too soon to offer LTO-5? In this article, read about what to expect from LTO-5 tape technology.

To help you stay up to date on tape backups in 2010, bookmark our special section on tape backups for the latest news, tips and tutorials on tape backup and tape libraries.

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