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Top five virtual backup tips

The editors of have been closely following the virtual server backup market. Here are our top 5 virtual backup tips.

The movement toward server virtualization has created a number of new challenges for backup administrators. The editors of have been following the virtual backup market closely for the past few years. To help you start the New Year off on the right foot, and make sense of the latest virtual server backup technologies, we’ve gathered our top 5 virtual backup tips. Learn about VMware backup software, the difference between traditional apps and virtual machine backup software, a virtual machine backup software checklist, Hyper-V backup best practices, and more in this collection of tips.

Tip #1

VMware backup software and a vSphere backup solution checklist

There are plenty of VMware backup solutions out there, and even more factors to consider when making your purchase decision. Because the virtualization architecture affects the backup and recovery process, buying backup software for a virtualized environment is more complex than buying software for traditional servers. In this tutorial, we present a list of questions you’ll need to answer when choosing VMware backup software. Once you’ve answered them, check out our free VMware backup solution checklist.

Tip #2

Backing up VMs: Traditional apps vs. virtual machine backup software

This tip will help you learn the various options for backing up VMs, whether it’s with traditional backup options or new virtual backup software, and offers information about the pros and cons of each approach.

Tip #3

Virtual backup software checklist

Virtual backup implementations offer various features and capabilities. Depending on your needs, they may be more or less appropriate in your particular environment. This checklist can help you determine what features and functions you need in virtual backup software.

Tip #4

Hyper-V backup best practices: Hypervisor backup vs. VM backups

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I back up the entire host server or just each individual virtual machine?” then this tip is for you. You’ll learn about Hyper-V backup best practices, the differences between parent partition backups, child partition backups, and more.

Tip #5

Keep application integrity in Microsoft Hyper-V backup

You can perform Microsoft Hyper-V backup at the parent partition level, the child partition level, or both. There are pros and cons to each approach, as well as application integrity considerations for Microsoft Hyper-V backups. This tip can help ensure that you make proper Microsoft Hyper-V backups without sacrificing application integrity.

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