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What should you expect from backup software for medium to large networks?

Aeleen Frisch outlines what you should expect from backup software for medium to large networks.

  • The ability to define backup sets as arbitrary sets of files, which can be saved and reloaded into the utility as needed
  • A capability for defining and saving standard backup operations settings (including associated file sets)
  • A facility for exclusion lists, allowing you to create, save, and load lists of files and directories to exclude from a backup operation (including wildcard specifications)
  • An automated backup scheduling facility accessed and controlled from within the backup utility itself
  • The ability to specify default settings for a backup and restore operations
  • The ability to define and initiate remote backup and restore operations
  • Support for high-end backup devices such as stackloaders and jukeboxes
  • Support for non-tape backup devices such as removable disks
  • The capability to perform multiple operations to distinct tape devices simultaneously
  • The ability to backup open files or to skip them entirely without pausing (at your option)
  • Compatibility with the standard Windows NT backup facility will be important to some sites (so that saved files can be restored to any Windows NT system)
  • Optional support for non-Windows NT operating systems

    From "Essential Windows NT System Administration" by Aeleen Frisch

    O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

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