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Data storage analysts and pundits have been predicting the demise of backup tape storage for years. But even though the use backup tape storage is declining, according to Storage magazine's Purchasing Intensions survey last spring, 19% of respondents said they still plan to increase their use of tape. Recent advancements in the latest addition of the LTO tape format, LTO-5 may breathe new life into this so-called dying technology. LTO-5 tape cartridges have twice the capacity of LTO-4 tape, holding 1.5 TB native and 3 TB compressed data. The data transfer rate increases from 120 MBps to 140 MBps native, and 240 MBps to 280 MBps compressed.

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Here comes LTO-5 tape technology, ready or not
Is the enterprise data storage market ready and does anyone really need the kind of capability offered in LTO-5? William R. Qualls, director of magnetic tape at Imation Corp., says yes. In his view, higher capacity gives organizations a chance to keep the same physical footprint while keeping up with the doubling of data that happens every two years, on average. However, other users and analysts are more cautious. Learn about LTO-5 tape technology and whether or not it is a good choice for your businesses in this article.


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Quantum, Overland get LTO-5 tape backup ball rolling
Quantum Corp. recently announced general availability of LTO-5 tape autoloaders, drives and media, and launched an early customer adoption program of LTO-5 for its Scalar tape libraries. In addition, Overland Storage rolled out an E Series of its NEO tape libraries with LTO-5. LTO-5 has backwards compatible read-and-write capabilities with LTO-4 to make for smooth upgrades. However, LTO-5 only has read capabilities with LTO-3, which could make it a bit trickier to upgrade from older tape systems. In this article, read about Quantum and Overland's LTO-5 tape backup products and read about other LTO-5 tape announcements in these data backup news briefs.


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LTO tape continues to evolve with LTO-5
W. Curtis Preston, TechTarget executive editor and independent backup expert, outlines how LTO tape differs from other tape media, discusses the various generations of LTO tape, and the pros and cons of LTO-5 in this guide. Learn the differences between LTO-5 and LTO-4, and how LTO tape continues to evolve with LTO-5 in this LTO FAQ guide.


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Hewlett-Packard launches LTO-5 tape
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. recently launched its first set of LTO-5 tape products, bringing out LTO-5 tape libraries, drives and cartridges, as well as TapeAssure, a new free software utility that proactively monitors the health and performance of tape devices. The LTO-5 tape cartridges cost $168.50 for a rewriteable cartridge and $185 for a WORM version. New drives are list priced at $3,559, while a kit to upgrade an existing MSL to LTO-5 is list priced at $12,000. In addition, new MSL 2024 LTO-5 tape libraries start at $9,000. HP's EML and ESL enterprise tape silos and low-end autoloaders will add LTO-5 support around midyear. Learn everything about HP's LTO-5 tape products in this article.


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Tape backup and recovery tutorial
W. Curtis Preston gives you the skinny on tape backup in this tutorial. What role should tape play in your backup plan? How do you choose the right tape library for your enterprise? And how do you take care of magnetic media and backup tapes? Get the answers to all of your tape storage questions in this tutorial on tape backup and recovery.

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