Tape backup and tape libraries

  • Is a VTL right for your needs?

    Virtual tape libraries (VTLs) have become accessible to SMBs from both a size and price perspective. This tip will help you evaluate the reasons why you may or may not want to implement virtual tape libraries.  Continue Reading

  • Controlling tape costs

    If you use tape as a data backup medium, the primary recurring cost will be the cost of the tapes themselves. The good news is that these costs have held steady over the last couple of years. Check out this tip for even better news about tape and ...  Continue Reading

  • Where should you encrypt your data?

    Because of high-profile losses of data through misplaced or stolen backup tapes, everyone is aware of tape encryption. There are many choices, so picking what's best for your organization can be challenging.  Continue Reading

  • Multiplexing data backup streams vs. disk for data backup

    Now that disk is being used as a primary backup target in more enterprise shops, companies need to reevaluate what role, if any, multiplexing should play in their future backup plans. Here are some questions to ask to help you decide if multiplexing...  Continue Reading